Pocket Invitation Cards, Patterned A7 Himalaya

Pocket Folder Invitation Cards are unique and affordable DIY wedding invitations. Made of high quality cardstock with beautiful patterns and are 5" x 7" when folded. These fit perfectly into the matching A-7 Envelopes. Himalaya Design has a horizontal pocket on the right side and a left flap to close over center and right flaps upon folding.

Pearlescent Metallics

Pink Retro Flower
on Azalea

Pink Retro Flower<br />on Azalea

Brown Spring Bloom
on Champagne

Brown Spring Bloom<br />on Champagne

Brown Bubble Swirl
on Aqua Lagoon

Brown Bubble Swirl<br />on Aqua Lagoon

Gold Vine Leaves
on Bronze

Gold Vine Leaves<br />on Bronze

Violet Brocade
on Pearl

Violet Brocade<br />on Pearl

Gray Simple Swirl
on Pearl

Gray Simple Swirl<br />on Pearl

Gray Simple Swirl
on Champagne

Gray Simple Swirl<br />on Champagne

Gray Simple Swirl
on Silver

Gray Simple Swirl<br />on Silver

Red Paisley
on Gold Leaf

Red Paisley<br />on Gold Leaf

Black Brocade
on Pearl

Black Brocade<br />on Pearl

Black Brocade
on Champagne

Black Brocade<br />on Champagne

Black Brocade
on Silver

Black Brocade<br />on Silver


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