Pocket Invitation Cards, Solid A7 Himalaya

Pocket Invitation Cards for unique and affordable wedding invitations. The cards are made from acid free cardstock and are 5" x 7" when folded. These fit perfectly into the matching A-7 Envelopes. Himalaya Design has a horizontal pocket on the right side and a left flap to close over center and right flaps upon folding.


Classic White

Classic White<br />Solid

Classic Natural Cream

Classic Natural Cream<br />Solid

Banana Yellow

Banana Yellow <br />Solid

Chocolate Brown

Chocolate Brown<br />Solid


Black<br />Solid

Purple Eggplant

Purple Eggplant <br />Solid

Dark Purple

Dark Purple<br />Solid

Wisteria Purple

Wisteria Purple <br />Solid

Tiffany Blue

Tiffany Blue<br />Solid

Meadow Green

Meadow Green<br />Solid

Cotton Candy Pink

Cotton Candy Pink <br />Solid

Razzle Pink

Razzle Pink<br />Solid

Cherry Red

Cherry Red <br />Solid


Burgundy<br />Solid


Patterned Solids

Brown Spring Bloom
on Classic White

Brown Spring Bloom<br />on Classic White

Black Brocade
on Classic White

Black Brocade<br />on Classic White

Gray Simple Swirl
on Classic White

Gray Simple Swirl<br />on Classic White



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Product Reviews - A-7 Himalaya Solid Pockets

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Review: 5 Stars Chocolate Brown Solid Pocket Invitation Card, A7 Himalaya

I used these for my wedding invites and I was completely satisfied. They were of superior quality and the pocket was perfectly put-together. This was the best price I could find as well. I continue to use paper and more for my wedding stationary needs.
- Andrea K

Review: 5 Stars Black Solid Pocket Invitation Card, A7 Himalaya

I am very satisfied with my products. They arrived on time and in great condition. So satisfied that I just made yet another purchase. Should be in tomorrow. :)
- Jessica P.

Review: 5 Stars Razzle Pink Solid Pocket Invitation Card, A7 Himalaya

Great product. and best price any where
- Amalia

Review: 5 Stars Dark Purple Solid Pocket Invitation Card, A7 Himalaya

I am using these for my wedding invites. I printed the 4x6 invitations at a photo center and am affixing them to the pocket fold with double sided photo tape. It looks great. These are nice and sturdy and definitely make the invitations look nice. I'm stuffing the pockets with information sheets that are 4.25 inches wide and they fit nicely, although I have to be careful when putting them in so as not to catch on where the pocket folds back over to attach to the rest of the fold.
- Jackie E

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