Pearlescent Metallic Invitation Cards

A very unique paper with an elegant shimmering glimmer.

Pocket Invitation Cards

A7 Himalaya Pearlescent

A7 Cascade Pearlescent

A7 Atlas Pearlescent

A7 Denali Pearlescent

6 1/4 Himalaya Pearlescent

6 1/4 Denali Pearlescent

A2 Sierra Pearlescent


Petal Cards

A7 Pearlescent

6 1/4 Pearlescent


Pocket Sleeves

A7 Pearlescent


Backing & Gatefold Cards

A7 Backing

A7 Gatefold


Product Reviews - Metallic Cards

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Review: 5 Stars Champagne Cream Metallic Pocket Invitation Card, 6 1/4 Himalaya

These invitations are beautiful! The quality of the paper is amazing! Color matches great, sturdy and did I mention amazing?!
- Anakaren

Review: 5 Stars Ruby Purple Metallic Pocket Invitation Card, A7 Himalaya

They had excellent service. The invitation is perfect for my wedding. I love the purple. It appeared to be a little darker than the purple sample on the website. Which actually turned out to be perfect because I was looking for darker shades of purple.
- Anonymous

Review: 5 Stars Steel Gray Metallic Pocket Invitation Card, 6 1/4 Himalaya

The product is fabulous - unfortunately I didn't order the correct item, luckily it was only a sample - but the one they did send was spectacular. Very elegant, I cant wait to order the right size and put my wedding invitations together.
- Allison A

Review: 5 Stars Pearl White Metallic Pocket Invitation Card, A7 Atlas

This shade is the closest to Stardream Crystal if you are trying to match. High quality pockets without the ridiculous pricing. Standard postage using A7 envelopes are a plus. One of the better customer service departments I have dealt with. Fast and reasonable shipping
- Cindy M

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