Cutting Service - 8 1/2" x 11" Paper

Cutting Fee: $5 for First Pack + $2 for each Additional Pack

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Invitation Cards Martha Stewart Vellum Luminarias

Product Details

  • Please review the Cutting Notes below before having your paper cut.
  • If ordering more than one pack, please indicate in the Comments Box (Payment page upon Checkout) if all or some of the packs need to be cut.


The $5 cutting charge is for the first pack and an additional $2 for multiple packs of the same size. So, if you need vellum cut to 5" x 7", the cutting cost would be only $5 for 100sheets or $9 for 300 sheets. We package the paper after cutting for safe shipping.

You can combine different colors and types of paper to qualify for the additional pack rate (if papers are being cut to the same size). For example, 1 pack of vellum and 3 packs of cardstock cut to 5" x 7" would cost $11 for the 400 sheets. Please see below for different sizes.

Example: To have the paper cut to 5 1/4" x 7 1/2", youwould select the following

Width 1 5"   Width 2 1/4"
Length 1 7"   Length 2 1/2"

Smallest size possible is 4 1/16" X 4 1/16"

Multiple Cuts - Same Size

You will receive more than one set if the cut size allows for it. For example, a 5" x 7" cut from 100 sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" paper results in 200 total sheets of 5" x 7". Please follow this chart to see how many sheets can be generated from 1 pack of 100 Sheets. Multiply be the number of packs if multiple packs need to be cut.

Example: Net Total Sheets from 100 Sheets of 8 1/2" x 11" Paper

Greater than 5 1/2" Greater than 4 1/4" 100 Sheets
Greater than 5 1/2" 4 1/4" 200 Sheets
5 1/2" or Less Greater than 4 1/4" 200 Sheets
5 1/2" or Less 4 1/16" 400 Sheets

Multiple Cuts - Different Size

To have multiple packs cut to a special size each, select the cut size and add to cart for each cut you would like. Iindicate in the Comments Box (on the Payment page during Checkout) which pack goes to which size. Be sure to add a corresponding pack of paper for each cut added.

If ordering more than one pack of paper and only 1 needs to be cut, please indicate so in the Comments Box.

Comments Box Screenshot

Additional Notes

Please note that the following guidelines apply for any cutting

  • Tolerance of plus or minus 1/16" on all cutting
  • Different types of paper and different colors can be cut together for $5 + $2 for additional packs as long as the size is the same on all of them.
  • Only a single size per pack; i.e. a 5" x 5" and a 6" x 4" cut from 1 pack of paper is not allowed.
  • We do not currently have folding or scoring options
  • Once cut, the paper is not returnable. Please order samples beforehand. 8 1/2 x 11 individual sheets can be ordered on the bottom of each product page.
  • The remaining scraps cannot be included with shipment
  • Only full packs can be cut. i.e. we cannot cut only 30 sheets in a 100 sheet pack.
  • Smallest size possible for cutting for either width or length is 4 1/16"
  • If your paper will be printed by a print shop, please check to see if they would prefer the paper uncut.

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  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting service
    Reviewer: Tessa R from Jacksonville, Florida (FL) -

    I paid the $5 cutting charge for the navy cardstock my invites would be mounted on, and it saved me a few hours of work. They were cut perfectly, and they even called to double check what size I wanted them cut before they processed my order. I would recommend using the cutting service to save yourself the headache. It's only FIVE DOLLARS!!!

  • Review: 5 Stars Great note cards
    Reviewer: Lorraine from Walnut Creek, California (CA) -

    I purchased a ream of card stock and had it cut to fit the A2 Sand Specks Recycled Envelopes, 4 3/8" x 5 3/4". From one ream I got 400 flat note cards. IT would have taken me a very long time to cut a whole ream with a paper cutter so the cutting fee was the best $5 I ever spent. You did a great job. Thanks Paper and More!

  • Review: 5 Stars perfect cut
    Reviewer: Chelsea from Casper, Wyoming (WY) -

    pre-cut makes life 10x easier. Perfect edges and size. Do it!

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent cutting service!
    Reviewer: Tenley R. from Tucson, Arizona (AZ) -

    Your cutting service is super-affordable and very precise - exactly what small invitation businesses need!

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting
    Reviewer: Laura D. from White Plains, New York (NY) -

    Cut perfect every time! Love that you guys do this! Will be ordering from you a lot more!!

  • Review: 5 Stars PERFECT!!
    Reviewer: Camille T from Bridgeport, Connecticut (CT) -

    My order was cut exactly as how I wanted it! I even added a little note to my cut order saying that I wasn't sure I had the correct measurements and I went on to explain exactly how I wanted it to be cut. Paper And More... you deliver!!! Thanks a million! :)

  • Review: 5 Stars Custom Cut Menu
    Reviewer: Janie K. from Latham, New York (NY) -

    I was designing menus for my daughter's wedding and because of the napkin configuration had to have a certain size. We wanted just the right shade of ivory and a beautiful 80lb. linen cardstock to rival the professionals. Paper and More was the only website that could accomodate all of the above. The custom cutting service request was a breeze and you knew how much of a finished product you were getting. I was very pleased when my shipment arrived as ordered and on time. Paper and More is bookmarked in my favorites!

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting service
    Reviewer: T.B. from Sacramento, California (CA) -

    Very helpful. I needed to make places cards for 350 people. Having the paper already cut to the right size was very helpful and made my job much easier. Definitely worth the price. Thanks so much.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Emily from Washington, District of Columbia (DC) -

    I have been a long time customer of Paper and More and LOVE the paper and envelopes. I recently began utilizing the cutting service Paper and More offers and just love it! My order had multiple cuts and different papers and everything turned out perfectly in the sizes I specified! Thanks again for great products and great service!

  • Review: 5 Stars Exceptional Quality
    Reviewer: Carrie C from Rockville, Maryland (MD) -

    The custom cut vellum paper was delivered just as I'd hoped. I know I can count on Paper and More to cause me no head aches in my wedding planning. Thank you.

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent Customer Service for Custom Cutting Queries & Purchased Pastel Green Vellum Paper 27#!
    Reviewer: Ann from Brooklyn, New York (NY) -

    Overall purchase experience was excellent. The customer service email response was fast, courteous, and helpful for my custom cutting order. The texture, thickness, and color of the Pastel Green Vellum Paper 27# was exactly what I was looking for to be included in my wedding invitations. Very nice and would definitely purchase there vellum paper products again. Thank you!

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: BaileyH from Bangor, Maine (ME) -

    I used the cutting service for the cream vellum, and it came out perfectly. Very straight, no messy lines!

  • Review: 5 Stars customer service, cutting
    Reviewer: cindy r from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA) -

    Your prices and quality are great but what keeps me coming back is your customer service. One of my cuts was done the wrong way and was immediately responded to and fixed. I was very impressed! Thank you so much.

  • Review: 5 Stars Always as asked
    Reviewer: Christopher V from Portland, Oregon (OR) -

    I routinely have my stock cut to size because I know it gets done correctly and as asked. The cuts are clean and make for the perfect size card every time.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting
    Reviewer: Stephanie W from Detroit, Michigan (MI) -

    I ordered the Metallic Aqua Lagoon Cardstock and had it cut into 5x7 sheets. Amazing product! The lines were so smooth and it was perfect for my invitations. I can't say enough about this company!!

  • Review: 5 Stars A Cut Above The Rest
    Reviewer: Rochelle B. from Houston, Texas (TX) -

    When I normally order paper from paper and more I do the cutting myself. I never paid attention to the fact that they had a cutting service. Well this time I did and I am glad that I did. All paper was cut evenly and they gave me the most out of each sheet of paper. Although, I ordered a 100 pack of paper the invitations that I needed could be cut so that I could get 2 invites from one piece of paper. I honestly thought that they would only cut 1 invite from each piece of paper since I was having it cut by them but they didn't they cut 2. PERFECT

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting service
    Reviewer: Jessica from Buffalo, New York (NY) -

    I would definitely recommend the cutting service. Very prompt with asking exactly what I was getting and communication in general. Nice crisp edges. Absolutely perfect!

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Carrie E from Seymour, Indiana (IN) -

    I had my whole order specially cut because I am making 600 wedding invitations and I knew it would be worth the money NOT to hand cut them all myself!! :) Very reasonable prices, excellent service/quality, and VERY fast shipping!!

  • Review: 5 Stars Great cutting service
    Reviewer: Larissa S from Lindenwold, New Jersey (NJ) -

    I love love love that I was able to have them cut the vellium that I saved me time, money and stress of having to do it myself or taking it somewhere. to do it and the cost was minimal to me. i would def recommend this service. I would also like to say that the instructions were very easy to follow on how to have them cut it it make sure to tell you how much you could get out of cutting it so that you did not have to waste money and buy more than you really needed to.

  • Review: 5 Stars Great service!
    Reviewer: CM from San Ramon, California (CA) -

    They did a great job with my custom paper cutting! I love how they also also multiple pieces (although must be same size) per sheet! A lot of other online stores don't let you do this. Thanks again!

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect - don't go anywhere else to get paper cut
    Reviewer: Alisa G from West Palm Beach, Florida (FL) -

    We made the mistake of getting paper cut at Kinkos, only to have our beautiful paper destroyed. Uneven cuts, frayed edges. We had to re-order the paper from Paper and More and had them cut it. Wow - their price is right and it was perfect. I will NEVER make the mistake of getting paper cut anywhere but from Paper and More. Thanks for doing a great job and keeping your cut prices affordable.

  • Review: 5 Stars cut vellum for my wedding
    Reviewer: Kathryn G from Manchester, New Jersey (NJ) -

    I can't even begin to say how much time, money and stress you've saved me by cutting my vellum. I will never do it myself again. Thank you!!

  • Review: 4 Stars Beautiful!
    Reviewer: Meridith from Wilmot, South Dakota (SD) -

    This paper was beautiful and it was so handy to have them pre-cut. I have a laser printer that worked great, although the feeder did not like to autofeed it very well - I think this was more due to my printer than any other problem. I would definitely use paper and more again and reccomend it to my friends!

  • Review: 5 Stars perfect size!
    Reviewer: Brianna T from Norman, Oklahoma (OK) -

    The little slips of vellum are going to fit perfectly into our wedding invitations!! Cut just like we ordered :-)

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting service saved the day!
    Reviewer: Lana W from Grover, North Carolina (NC) -

    The cutting service offered by is such a benefit to the customer. I needed 100 sheets of vellum cut to a particular size and in experimenting at home, it was very difficult to get the paper straight and even which was critical for the project I was working on. The cost of the service is extremely low and saved me sooo much headache. The finished product was absolutely PERFECT!!!

  • Review: 5 Stars Paper Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Anonymous from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) -

    I recently ordered specific paper cutting sizes for our invitations. There were multiple cut sizes within the order and every single size matched perfectly with what we ordered. We couldn't be happier with the quality and convenience of having the paper fit the size we were looking for. Thank you for such great paper/envelopes for such an affordable price. We will definitely be ordering our program paper through Paper and More.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service HIGHLY recommended
    Reviewer: Erica from Des Moines, Iowa (IA) -

    I would recommend the cutting service if you know you will need your paper a certain size later on. The edges come out nice and clean, like the paper was made exactly to that size - no jagged edges or unevenness.. they looked amazing. VERY impressed and will be using the cutting service in the future!

  • Review: 5 Stars Amazing product and even better customer service!
    Reviewer: Crystal from Bellevue, Washington (WA) -

    I was so impressed that Paper and More held my order for me even after I had placed it so that I could figure out the exact dimension in which I wanted the paper to be cut. They were so patient with me and everything arrived promptly and without any imperfections. Everything was packaged nicely to keep it from getting destroyed during shipping. I have ordered many things for my wedding in August online and Paper and More was the best online vendor by far! Thank you!

  • Review: 5 Stars Vellum Cut
    Reviewer: Vickie J. from Cedar City, Utah (UT) -

    I was assisting my nephew and his fiance put together their Wedding/Reception Invitations. They did not request my help until it was time that they should have been out (February 14 and Wedding is March 14). NO ONE IN THIS AREA HAD ANYTHING to do 600 invitations. The last thing to find was the Vellum. We not only couldn't we find what they wanted, we also could not find it cut to a 4 X 6 size. We then looked on the Internet and found your business. Not only did you have the Vellum we wanted, you had enough to do the full 600, and you would cut it. We really needed to have it come already done so that we could get the invitations out. This saved us an extra day of cutting and it was delivered to our home two days later. Great Service/Great Product. Price is not an issue if you can get the service and product!

  • Review: 5 Stars Cut to Satisfaction!
    Reviewer: Ronnel S. from Honolulu, Hawaii (HI) -

    The cutting services provided by paper and more is excellent! With this service I was able to get started on my wedding invitations right away. If you would like to take out the stress of ensuring that your paper is cut evenly and correctly, don't hesitate to utilize this service!

  • Review: 5 Stars perfect service!!
    Reviewer: Jess/ KY from Frankfort, Kentucky (KY) -

    I ordered vellum paper and requested it be cut to a certain size. I received it within the same week and it was PERFECT!!! I couldn't have asked for a better quality of paper at a VERY affordable price! I will do business with you all again when I need additional paper services!!

  • Review: 5 Stars So Simple - Comes Ready to Go!
    Reviewer: Ginger B. from Charlotte , North Carolina (NC) -

    I love how you offer the cutting service. If I had to cut my vellum product by hand, it would have come out inconsistent and sloppy. Paper and More made it easy to use the product as soon as I got it in the mail (which was also very quick!) Thanks - I will use you again in the future.

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent
    Reviewer: Elisha S from Elk River, Minnesota (MN) -

    I wasn't sure exactly what to expect of the cutting service although the size of the cutting and how to select it was very detailed. I was impressed that it came packaged it sealed bags and was very professionally done...BRAVO.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting to 4x6
    Reviewer: Danni from Idaho Falls, Idaho (ID) -

    I was very excited that paper and more! could make an exception for me and cut vellum down as close to 4x6 as possible. I was using it over 4x6 pictures for my wedding announcements. When I got the vellum, it was actually a little bigger, both lenghth & width were greater than 4x6. It actually worked out for the best because it's easier to flip through! THANK YOU paper and more!

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect
    Reviewer: Charlene S. from Greenacres, Washington (WA) -

    My daughter is getting married in July and we ordered cardstock that needed to be cut for not only the wedding invitations but also the programs and table decor. I used the cutting service you provided and was absolutely pleased with the results! I'll be a return customer! And, your cost for providing this service is a bargain! Thanks!

  • Review: 5 Stars Saving time...
    Reviewer: Jen from Atlanta, Georgia (GA) -

    I decided to order the cutting service so that I could save myself some time and effort in getting just the right size paper. The size was exact and the cuts were perfectly done. It was well worth the small fee!

  • Review: 5 Stars Vellum cut to size
    Reviewer: Judy R from Jupiter, Florida (FL) -

    Excellent quality paper and precise cutting. Service could not have been better, including the fastest delivery I have ever encountered with an on-line purchase.

  • Review: 5 Stars Outstanding Service!
    Reviewer: Veronica B. from San Jose, California (CA) -

    I ordered the green fairway metallic cardstock and it's a bright gorgeous green color. I am using this cardstock for my wedding invitations and I am very happy with this cardstock. I had also used the cutting service also, and I am very pleased with how everything turned out. The cutting service was very clean looking and professional down to the way it was packaged. They also shipped my order very quickly. I am very happy with my purchase and I am going to use paperandmore many more times to come.

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent Value
    Reviewer: Becky N. from Corinth, Mississippi (MS) -

    I had my red cardstock cut 3/8 inch larger all around than my 4x6 photos for my Christmas cards. I then placed the photo and red cardstock on the metallic green fairway. The size was exactly what I ordered. I even goofed up when entering the size for the cut, and customer service personally called me to verify the size.

  • Review: 5 Stars leave the cutting to them!
    Reviewer: lauren k from hamburg, New Jersey (NJ) -

    For $5, you saved me SO much time and the paper looks so much better than it would have if I had to cut it! Thank you so much for your service! I will highly recommend this website to anyone looking for invitations/paper needs! Thanks!

  • Review: 5 Stars No problem!
    Reviewer: Kathy P from Clackamas, Oregon (OR) -

    Just used our cut black linen cardstock. Every piece was without blemish. Cut to specifications and worked perfectly. The cutting service was a less thing to worry about for a reasonable price!

  • Review: 4 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Tammie from Madison, Alabama (AL) -

    Chose to use the cutting service for the text paper we're using for our wedding invitations. Smart, cost-saving (and time-saving) decision. We ordered enough paper to have cut down (to 4.5 X 6.5) for our invitations and the rest for our wedding programs.

  • Review: 5 Stars Exactly what I expected!
    Reviewer: Annette D from Chicago, Illinois (IL) -

    I had the lavender metallic paper cut down to fit inside the bronze brown petal card I ordered. I was a little skeptical because it's something that I could do myself but thought it would be easier if I just had it done, and I am glad I did! Paper fits perfectly into the inside of my petal card. Definately worth the extra $$$

  • Review: 5 Stars Copper Metalic Paper
    Reviewer: Helene O. from Old Bridge, New Jersey (NJ) -

    Thanks for your prompt service. My daughter wanted to back her menus for her fall wedding with the copper paper and did they come out beautiful. We decided the menus needed some pop so we ordered last minute and you came through with fast shipping and cut them perfectly. Thanks.

  • Review: 5 Stars Great option
    Reviewer: Grace from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA) -

    This saved me so much time having all the paper precut to the size I needed. Additionally, they saved me from needing to reorder the paper when I accidentally put in the wrong measurements (I gave the actual size of the card after folding), but noted how many cards I expected that to be. Thankfully they read my noted, and corrected how many cards that would result in, and gave me time to fix it before cutting.

  • Review: 5 Stars Bright White Linen Paper 80# (100 Sheets)-- pre-cut
    Reviewer: Kelly from Omaha, Nebraska (NE) -

    The pre-cut service is amazing and a huge time saver. I ordered this 8.5x10 paper and had it cut to 5x7. The pre-cut service does not take any extra time for shipping. Excellent option and very convienient!

  • Review: 5 Stars A Cut Above the Rest
    Reviewer: Jessica A. R. from Lake City, Florida (FL) -

    The cut of my order was great. It saved me a lot of time and stress and was worth 5.00 dollars. They also made sure what I wanted cut and how I wanted it cut. You can't beat their service.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service Excellent
    Reviewer: Melissa H from Marysville, Ohio (OH) -

    I had a pack of paper cut into fourths for place cards. The cutting was straight and each pack was individually wrapped. They made excellent place cards and at a better price than most.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cut to Perfection and Shipped Fast!
    Reviewer: Debbie W. from Platte City, Missouri (MO) -

    The cutting service was wonderful! It was accurate, economical, and saved us a lot of time and stress. And our order was shipped very quickly! I can't ask for any more than that!

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting was perfect
    Reviewer: Servina J from Aberdeen, Mississippi (MS) -

    The cutting of the paper was a perfect fit for my invitations. Will highly recomment this site to others as well as making future purchases.

  • Review: 5 Stars Wedding Invitation inserts
    Reviewer: Sandi from Flower Mound, Texas (TX) -

    The wedding invitation vellum inserts and textured metalic paper are just the finishing touches we were looking for. They arrived cut as requested and with perfect timing.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting was exact
    Reviewer: Esther L. from Stamford, Connecticut (CT) -

    The folks at paperandmore did a great job cutting my paper. It had to be exact on all sides, and they came through with flying colors. Thanks for a job well done.

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting service
    Reviewer: Susie C. from Claremont , New Hampshire (NH) -

    I checked other websites and found this one to have the best pricing for cutting. Cutting was accurate and service was very fast. I will definitely use this company again.

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting service
    Reviewer: analynn from VA Beach, Virginia (VA) -

    The first time I ordered cardstock paper that needed to be cut down to a specific size - I didn't use the cutting service and ended up having to cut the paper to size myself. I sure did learn my lesson! This time around I used the cutting service which totally saved me time and energy... not to mention the paper was precisely cut! Thanks Paper and More!

  • Review: 5 Stars linen cardstock, petal cards and custom cutting
    Reviewer: Amy M from Sacramento, CA -

    We were unbelievably happy with the products and service from Paper and More!! They had great selection and great custom cutting and shipped the same day as I ordered it. I would have no reservations about ordering from them, or recommending their service.

  • Review: 5 Stars Fist time and customer very pleased!
    Reviewer: Danae C. from Gilbert, South Carolina (SC) -

    Purple Vellum is not something that is easily found in your local stores and if you do find it, it is very expensive. I was able to find it at Paper and More and have it cut to the size I needed for my daughter's wedding invitaion. I was not sure that I had ordered correctly the size I wanted to cut, so I included a note with my order...Paper and More followed up with me within the hour and confirmed the order within two hours. The paper was cut and shipped within the week. Great Service and Product - I will use them again!

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect
    Reviewer: Molly A from San Francisco, California (CA) -

    I ordered custom cut vellum for my wedding programs, which I am making myself. The paper arrived even faster than I hoped, perfectly cut to the size I requested. I am very impressed.

  • Review: 5 Stars Customer service is A+
    Reviewer: Russell A from Woodbury, Georgia (GA) -

    I made mistake entering the measuremnt and customer service made the changes the I way I wanted and fast shipping as well for less...Thank you

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent
    Reviewer: Laura W. from Bakersfield, California (CA) -

    I have ordered from you three times and each time received my order within 3 days. The lively ivory cardstock and cream vellum with copper metallic envelopes have made lovely wedding invitations. I couldn't be more happy. I'm glad I found you. Thanks

    Comment by Actual Delivery time will vary by shipping method and destination for each customer. Please contact us if you need an estimate on when an order would arrive.

  • Review: 5 Stars More from Paper and more!
    Reviewer: Monika O. from Green Valley, California (CA) -

    This paper is so beautiful. I ordered the kunzite cardstock to complement to the green fairway cardstock.

  • Review: 5 Stars Very pleased with the cutting service here.
    Reviewer: Whazoo from LA County, California (CA) -

    Clean edges and precise measurements (even though they claim 1/16" error margin). I've taken stacks of paper to have cut at a local office supply store, where not only do they precisely measure my paper, the edges are not clean as if their cutting blades are dull. That leaves me to pay for a unsatisfactory service where I wind up cutting my own paper anyway.

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect Cut (Oragami flowers)
    Reviewer: Max K from Concord, NC -

    Needed the cutting service to get a perfect square sheet and I'm completely satisfied with the results. This saved me a lot of time.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting (Writing invite and wedding programs)
    Reviewer: Colleen L from Tery, MS -

    Love this service...amazing. Makes our job easier.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service (Wedding Program)
    Reviewer: Lisa J from Perrysburg, OH -

    This was the best thing ever! Totally worth the $5 to have my pages cut perfectly.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cut Perfectly (note cards)
    Reviewer: Nicole R from Durham, NC -

    The cutting service is the most awesome service ever!!!!!

  • Review: 5 Stars 5x7 vellum beautifully cut (Wedding invitations)
    Reviewer: Jeanne H from Oakton, VA -

    I needed 5x7 vellum for the wedding invitations and the regular size sheets were cut beautifully.

  • Review: 5 Stars Recycled Taupe Brown Fiber Card Stock 80# (Wedding Invitations)
    Reviewer: Jahnel B. from Mossyrock, WA -

    The shipping was very fast and the paper is better than I had hoped for. I had both packs cut to different sizes and it's perfect!

  • Review: 5 Stars Love this service! (Wedding Announcements)
    Reviewer: Linda G from Calabasas, CA -

    I am so happy that they have the cutting service. So convenient, and I was extremely happy with the results.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Cardstock (Invitation Inserts)
    Reviewer: Wendy L from Olney, MD -

    My cardstock was cut just to the size I requested. Even got an email from their customer service to confirm they understood the size requested. Great service!!

  • Review: 5 Stars Highly Reccommended! (Wedding invitations)
    Reviewer: TK from Atlanta, GA -

    I highly recommend their cutting service. They did a fabulous job!

  • Review: 5 Stars Awesome (Wedding Programs)
    Reviewer: Brittany R from Pawnee City, Nebraska (NE) -

    I used this for the inside of my wedding programs and they were awesome!

  • Review: 4 Stars Review (Wedding Invitations)
    Reviewer: Lacey G. from Houston, Texas (TX) -

    I got this cutting service to be the back ground/border for the inside of my petal invitations. I ordered the petal paper from here as well. The cutting is super convenient and well done. The only thing is I followed the suggested insert size on the petal paper page, and it's a little bigger than I would like. The insert butts completely covers the inside. But that's more of a personal problem.

  • Review: 5 Stars What a time saver! (Wedding invitations)
    Reviewer: Mary Beth W from Denver, Colorado (CO) -

    The cutting service I received on my vellum was awesome! The edges are clean cut and look great and by having cut the vellum I saved so much time and worry. The size is perfect. This service is definitely worth the money even though it is so reasonably priced.

  • Review: 5 Stars Recycled Taupe cardstock and envelopes (photograph note cards)
    Reviewer: Elizabeth S. from Dallas, Texas (TX) -

    This is my first order (except for samples) and I am very pleased with the quality and weight of the paper & envelopes. The brown taupe looks beautiful w/either casual or dressier uses and recycled is so popular w/consumers. I definitely will be ordering more of this & other papers.

  • Review: 5 Stars How to fix an invitation with vellum (Enclosure over preprinted invitations)
    Reviewer: Betsy W from Raleigh, North Carolina (NC) -

    We left the RSVP due date and the request for no gifts at the party off of our printed invitation. Right away, Paper and More website solved our problem with pre cut vellum paper that we could run through the printer at home. Videos really helped us decide on paper weight with confidence.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Services (High School Certificates of Completion)
    Reviewer: Anne S from Livermore, California (CA) -

    Wow, I couldn't find the paper size I needed anywhere and you custom cut it for me and I had it within 3 days. Thank you so much.

  • Review: 5 Stars Silver Swirls Metallic Embossed Cardstock
    Reviewer: Barbara L from CHERRY VALLEY, Illinois (IL) -

    Fabulous, can't find anything like this locally. Have used it for years to bind books and they always come out looking very professional. Love it!

  • Review: 5 Stars Easy and quick
    Reviewer: Elaine N from Brooklyn, New York (NY) -

    I'm so glad that Paper and More had this service because it saved me alot of work. It's also cheaper than going to your local Staples and the cut was accurate. I was worried about messy cuts but this has met my exceptions and I am quite happy about it!

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect cutting service
    Reviewer: M from Austin, Texas (TX) -

    I ordered cardstock and cutting services for invitations. Quality product and service for all of it. I am very pleased. Paper and More sent it before they promised and it arrived very well-padded and in perfect condition.

  • Review: 5 Stars Silver Swirls Metallic Card Stock cutting service
    Reviewer: Barbara L from Cherry Valley, Illinois (IL) -

    Boy! what a lifesaver and very reasonably priced. I would never attempt to cut this paper myself if I wanted it to look right for the paper is very heavy. Once I ordered the wrong cut and you caught the error and notified me and corrected it. THANK YOU! You always do a superb job, thank you so very, very much. I am a loyal customer and can't find a paper anywhere locally like this.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting service is the best!
    Reviewer: Karen K. from Brea, California (CA) -

    I have been so happy with Paper and More's cutting service. It's accurate, it's fast and it's easy! I will continue to pay the extra $5 to have packs of paper cut and save me significant time at the paper trimmer.

  • Review: 5 Stars Beautiful product!
    Reviewer: Amanda S. from Vine Grove, Kentucky (KY) -

    I ordered the recycled sand specks cardstock for my wedding invitations. I had the paper cut in half to be properly sized for my invites. The paper is beautiful and was cut perfectly.

  • Review: 5 Stars What a convenience!
    Reviewer: Taralyn P from FORT VALLEY, Georgia (GA) -

    I am so happy with the cutting service, you really helped me get the most for my money out of your paper. Thank you so much! The time and attention to the way the paper was cut, plastic wrapped and bubbled wrapped was amazing!

  • Review: 5 Stars Himalaya Metallic Pearlescent Envelopes
    Reviewer: Carmelita F from Charlotte, North Carolina (NC) -

    I used Himalaya pocketfolds for my invitations because I had several inserts that needed to be held. They were absolutly perfect and so elegant. The sheen and the weight is fabulous. I didn't think DIY invites could look so professional and elegant. Love this company.

  • Review: 5 Stars Exactly what I ordered
    Reviewer: Crystal G from Cameron Park, California (CA) -

    I had my vellum custom cut, I received exactly what I ordered and the cuts are perfect. Saves me a ton of work. Paper arrived perfectly packaged- no damage. Very happy with this company.

  • Review: 5 Stars Exactly what I ordered
    Reviewer: Crystal G from Cameron Park, California (CA) -

    I had my vellum custom cut, I received exactly what I ordered and the cuts are perfect. Saves me a ton of work. Paper arrived perfectly packaged- no damage. Very happy with this company.

  • Review: 5 Stars What a treat!
    Reviewer: Jean V. from Broomfield, Colorado (CO) -

    I was pressed for time and decided to use the custom cutting service....Man it was perfect! They not only cut the vellum to the exact size, but shrink wrap it into separate bundles for me. So worth the extra pennies, I'll have them do this for me every time I order.

  • Review: 5 Stars Great job with cutting
    Reviewer: Susannah B. from Mill Valley, California (CA) -

    The cutting was just right and the size worked perfectly for my project.

  • Review: 5 Stars Custom cut card stock
    Reviewer: Jennifer H. from Milwaukee, Wisconsin (WI) -

    The cuts are precise and very clean. I made a mistake when I submitted my measurements, and Paper and more responded within 12 hours. They made the changes necessary so that my order would arrive as I had originally intended. The order shipped very fast, as well. This will be my go to company for all of my paper/envelope needs, and I will refer as many people as I can to their site!! It's hard to find such great service on the internet! Thank you:).

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting service
    Reviewer: Susan S. from Swartz Creek, Michigan (MI) -

    The cutting service you offer saved me so much time and stress. I could never have cut all of the sheets of heavy cardstock so perfectly. I thought the cutting might extend the time to receive the order, but no, two days later I had everything, cut, wrapped & shipped so well. Thank you for great service!

  • Review: 5 Stars worth every penny
    Reviewer: Ann B. from Fair Lawn , New Jersey (NJ) -

    Time is money! After all the hours wasted searching the web looking for an invitation insert approx. 5X6 inches, I found paperandmore's cutting service. The reasonable cutting fee was worth every penny. (Too bad I can't recoup those lost hours.) The cutting was done expertly, as well.

  • Review: 5 Stars Exceptional service and quality
    Reviewer: Lyn P from McHenry, Illinois (IL) -

    This is my second project using Paper and More's services and I couldn't be happier. Prompt delivery, excellent quality - product was exactly as I expected.

  • Review: 5 Stars great service and shipping
    Reviewer: Elizabeth L. from Carmel, Indiana (IN) -

    Your cutting service was excellent - exactly the size I ordered, and your packaging and shipping were excellent as well. The box arrived with a smashed in corner, so I was a bit concerned that my order would be, too. But you had everything bubble wrapped and packed in peanuts - like you knew that a damaged box was a real possibility! Thanks for taking the time to do it right.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service is a Time Saver!
    Reviewer: LN11S from Los Angeles, California (CA) -

    I wanted to try out the cutting service because I wanted my invites to be ALL the same size. I do have a paper cutter, but its not the same. Great & fast service. Only down & I completely understand is that you can't keep the scraps; which I was planning to use for the invite wrap or tabs. Big plus, ALL the same & complete time saver!

  • Review: 5 Stars Fast Service - Great Quality
    Reviewer: Joyce S/ Michigan from Leslie, Michigan (MI) -

    Love the paper - it is exactly as described and will work perfectly for the invitations. I also am very happy with how quickly I received my order. I won't order from anyone else.

  • Review: 5 Stars Couldn't be happier!
    Reviewer: Misty from Curtis, Wyoming (WY) -

    The Pearl 80# Metallic Paper is wonderful. I used it with the silver backing card and vellum for my wedding invitations and programs. I love the sheen. The cutting service at paper and more is well worth it. The paper comes evenly cut and packaged to keep corners from getting bent.

  • Review: 5 Stars Measure Twice Cut Once
    Reviewer: Michelle S from Merrimac, Massachusetts (MA) -

    Soooo glad I had the cardstock pre-cut, saved a HUGE amount of my time and was done more clean and precise than I could have done it. Well worth the few extra dollars!

  • Review: 5 Stars card stock order
    Reviewer: Joy P. from Cornville, Arizona (AZ) -

    beautiful color cut to perfect size. Thank you.

  • Review: 5 Stars So much easier
    Reviewer: Happy Customer from Barrington, New Jersey (NJ) -

    I’ve cut paper myself before and it is so time consuming and never comes out perfect. It was totally worth the extra money to have it cut for me!

  • Review: 5 Stars Custom Paper Cut to Size
    Reviewer: Marcy R from Moraga, California (CA) -

    Received custom 8" x 5" inserts for invitations. Product was perfect.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service Excellent
    Reviewer: Natonia D.R. from Lakeland, Florida (FL) -

    I purchased some cardstock and needed it cut in half, so I would not have to go to Staples or Office Max to have them do it. Paper and More exceeded my expectations and cut the paper exactly to my specifications and liking. Thank you! I will consider you first for any future specialty paper and cardstock paper needs.

  • Review: 5 Stars excellent
    Reviewer: Stacy W. from Bloomington, Indiana (IN) -

    The dimensions were perfect, and saved me the work of having to measure and cut 100 pieces of cardstock myself :)

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect
    Reviewer: Brittany M. from Centuria, Wisconsin (WI) -

    The paper was cut to the exact size that I needed.

  • Review: 5 Stars Just Right
    Reviewer: Genia C from Crowley, Texas (TX) -

    I am so glad that I found PaperAndMore. This paper was exactly what I was looking for to use for my wedding. Great, fast service.

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect
    Reviewer: Carol P from Santa Rosa, California (CA) -

    Perfect Cuts!

  • Review: 5 Stars Fast Friendly and Great product!
    Reviewer: Lisa R from Scottsdale, Arizona (AZ) -

    I received my order well before the date specified and had questions that were answered promptly and efficiently. Service and quality of product is excellent. Definately order from them again - can't find the quality and type of product (Vellum paper) at local stores. Extremely content!

  • Review: 5 Stars Extremely pleased
    Reviewer: Gina M from Cottage Grove, Minnesota (MN) -

    Perfectly cut, smooth edges.

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent
    Reviewer: Lottie B from Grand Prairie, Texas (TX) -

    Very please with my paper, I have already made my cards and sent them to customer who also was pleased

  • Review: 5 Stars great customer service
    Reviewer: ac from austin, Minnesota (MN) -

    the cutting department contacted me by email & phone to double check a size I had ordered- they caught a mistake in the numbers and corrected it and the papers fit perfectly!

  • Review: 5 Stars Metallic White Linen Paper 70# Text
    Reviewer: Marie from Hingham, Massachusetts (MA) -

    This paper was absolutely beautiful. We used it along with the champagne metallic cardstock for menu cards and programs. Arrived in no time.You will not be disappointed. Had some cut to size and that was perfect as well!

  • Review: 5 Stars Paper cut beautifully
    Reviewer: Lauren M from Atlanta, Georgia (GA) -

    I had 8.5x11 pieces of cardstock cut in half for invitations, and they turned out beautifully. I was worried that the edges would look "cut", but they're very smooth.

  • Review: 5 Stars Awesome service
    Reviewer: sue e from chicago, Illinois (IL) -

    Great company, fantastic customer service. My wedding invites turned out great!

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect fit
    Reviewer: Deb P from Syracuse, Utah (UT) -

    The cutting service made it so much easier to do our project and fit perfectly into the invites we were making.

  • Review: 5 Stars Great Service
    Reviewer: Savannah from Springfield, Missouri (MO) -

    This was great. Made sure the right paper was cut to the right size.

  • Review: 5 Stars Great product, great service!
    Reviewer: WendyNJ from Valley Village, California (CA) -

    Cutting service is very much appreciated. My order came on time, as promised. They were cut to my specifications and neatly packed. Great product, great service! You exceeded my expectations, paperandmore!

  • Review: 4 Stars Entire Order
    Reviewer: ShawnTe R. from Hillside, Illinois (IL) -

    The quality of the linen card stock was excellent and the color of the aqua was bright and rich. Cutting was done to my specifications and overall I am satisfied and will order from paperandmore in the future.

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting service
    Reviewer: vicki O from magnolia, Texas (TX) -

    I was asked via email and phone specific questions about my order just to get it right...the staff is very concerned about quality. I will always order from this company, it is great!

  • Review: 5 Stars Cut to order Card Stock
    Reviewer: Sandy H from Moscow, Idaho (ID) -

    Excellent! We used for our daughter's wedding invitation and they turned out beautiful.

  • Review: 5 Stars Mother of the Bride
    Reviewer: Sandi from Flower Mound, Texas (TX) -

    You did it again. Professional service with extremely good quality. Just wish I had found you a month earlier

  • Review: 4 Stars Beautiful cardstock
    Reviewer: Betsy H from Wayne, New Jersey (NJ) -

    I ordered this beautiful cardstock for the backing of anniversary invitations and couldn't be happier. Beautiful texture, great value and the color is rich.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Sharon from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (IA) -

    i was very pleased with the service. All pieces were cut to the size i requested and my order was gotten out in a very timely manner

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Stephanie G. from Mary Esther, Florida (FL) -

    I custom cut a lot of the paper that I ordered for my wedding invitations & everything came just like I ordered it & worked out perfectly! Everything shipped quicker than expected!!

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting
    Reviewer: Bev S. from cleveland, Ohio (OH) -

    we had our paper pre-cut to fit the invitations for my daughter's wedding invitations - well worth the extra - nice job!

  • Review: 4 Stars Dolphin Girl
    Reviewer: Debbie P from Spring, Texas (TX) -

    The cuts were very clean and percise. I had them cut 5"X4.25" for all the enclosure cards for my wedding invitations. Unfortunately, my printer wouldn't allow me to print borderless on this size so I had to resize my project and then cut all the cards down to 5"x3.5". This took a little time on my paper trimmer, ubt they worked great and had a professional appearance. I wouldn't hesitate to use Paper and More again and would recommend them to others. Thanks Paper and More, keep up the quality products and work.

  • Review: 5 Stars Makes Projects a breeze
    Reviewer: Mindy O from Alexandria, Virginia (VA) -

    Custom cutting is fantastic. Wonderful and worry free.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Pat Z from Long Island, New York (NY) -

    I requested that the Vellum I purchased be cut to a specific length and width. I was expecting the cut to be a little off but it was cut to the precise measurement I requested.

  • Review: 5 Stars Perfect condition and prompt delivery!
    Reviewer: Susanne K from Ellicott City, Maryland (MD) -

    The paper was perfectly cut and arrived on the day it was supposed to.

  • Review: 5 Stars Fast
    Reviewer: Sarah M from Wichita, Kansas (KS) -

    Delivery was fast! I ordered my paper and got them with in a week. Very pleased!!!

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: Jade W from Nashville, Tennessee (TN) -

    The cutting service did a great job! I'm so glad a bridesmaid that recently got married told me about this company it's Quick, dependable, and has a great variety.

  • Review: 5 Stars Paper Cutting
    Reviewer: Kim from Houston, Texas (TX) -

    The paper was cut perfectly. My wedding invitations look like they were professionally made!

  • Review: 5 Stars So Convenient!
    Reviewer: Georgie from Huntsville, Texas (TX) -

    The cutting service is wonderful and well worth the price! The only suggestion I have is if you're getting multiple packs cut at different sizes, MAKE SURE YOU PROOF READ THE COMMENTS SECTION!!!!! Make sure you have the right color/pack, being cut at the right size. I didn't, and am very sad!

  • Review: 5 Stars Impressive!!!!
    Reviewer: Dena M from wichita, Kansas (KS) -

    I ordered several samples of vellum paper for my wedding invitations. The metallic platinum is exactly what I was looking for! I ended up ordering it and communication was excellent! Will order from them again!

  • Review: 5 Stars The Best
    Reviewer: Justyna P. from New York, New York (NY) -

    I have ordered two types of paper, one of them pre-cut, and two types of envelopes for my wedding. I could not be happier with the service and quality of the products! I will be recomending this company to everybody I know!!!

  • Review: 5 Stars Quick Turn Around
    Reviewer: Taylor E from Irvine, California (CA) -

    I wish everything was as easy as dealing with Paper and More. Delivery consistantly beats the guaranteed delivery.

  • Review: 5 Stars Amazing Service
    Reviewer: Christina P from Westminster, Colorado (CO) -

    I think the cutting service you provide is great! It was not too much and made things alot easier for me. Everything came out perfect I am very satisfied!

  • Review: 5 Stars Paper cutting
    Reviewer: Marty from Burley, Idaho (ID) -

    WOW! I love that you could customer cut the paper, saved us a lot of time!

  • Review: 5 Stars WOW!
    Reviewer: Monica U from Cullman, Alabama (AL) -

    I needed these items to make my wedding invitations, and wow on how fast they were cut and shipped!! Amazingly wow!

  • Review: 4 Stars cut to size papers, card stock
    Reviewer: Tammy M from Houston, Texas (TX) -

    I have placed two separate orders for paper cut to size. We are planning a wedding and bought invitations for a "good deal". They were very thin and flimsy. I discovered paper and more online and got a beautiful linen cardstock cut the exact size of the invitations. We double stick taped it to the back of the invitations and they are perfect. I have placed a second order to do the same thing with the thank you notes.

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent Quality
    Reviewer: Rebekah H from Los Angeles, California (CA) -

    I was so pleased with the quality of the paper I bought. I did the custom cut and it was perfect.. Thanks so much.. A very happy Bride...

  • Review: 5 Stars Great products & services
    Reviewer: Kathy A. from Newport Beach, California (CA) -

    You guys are great! The count was right. The cut was perfect. And it all arrived FAST. Thank you

  • Review: 5 Stars nice & even
    Reviewer: Jessica T from victoria, Texas (TX) -

    Cutting is even & edges are smooth, looks great!

  • Review: 5 Stars Wedding paper
    Reviewer: Roxanne P. from West Palm Beach, Florida (FL) -

    It was just what we wanted. and to be able to have it cut to out size was a grest help, for this is for wedding invitations we are making.

  • Review: 5 Stars Let paperandmore save you time and cut your paper!
    Reviewer: Jill K from San Francisco, California (CA) -

    I always use the cutting service if I need it and it has saved me tons of time on the invitations and programs I have done! I love this feature!

  • Review: 5 Stars paper cut to exact size (Quinceanera invitation )
    Reviewer: Julissa C. from Wichita, KS -

    PERFECT!!! Very pleased with everything thank you so much

  • Review: 5 Stars Violette Card Stock (Quinceanera invitations)
    Reviewer: Yesenia M from Chicago, Illinois (IL) -

    Everything was received in almost perfect condition, except for three of the top sheets were bent.

  • Review: 5 Stars Aged Parchment Card Stock (Wedding Invitations)
    Reviewer: A R from State College, Pennsylvania (PA) -

    Great paper. Matches wonderfully with the old book pages (actual old parchment!) that we are attaching it to. Highly recommended.

  • Review: 5 Stars Paper cutting (Fan programs for a wedding)
    Reviewer: Lindsey B from Indianapolis, Indiana (IN) -

    The paper cutting was perfect! Thank you!

  • Review: 5 Stars vellum order (wedding invitations)
    Reviewer: Bonnie Correira from East Greenwich, Rhode Island (RI) -

    Ordered vellum paper and had it cut to size it was perfect also delivery by mail wasn't long. Very Satisfy and will be ordering again from you. Thank you!!:)

  • Review: 5 Stars Love Paper & More! (Invitations)
    Reviewer: Tia from Wausau, Wisconsin (WI) -

    I decided to DIY my wedding invitations. I found Paper and More had the best prices and selection. After ordering samples, I placed my order. They came out Great! I have gotten so many compliments.

  • Review: 5 Stars Happy (Graduation Invitations)
    Reviewer: WendyP from Campton, Kentucky (KY) -

    Product was cut to exact size and was what I ordered!

  • Review: 5 Stars Additional Services Provided- Cutting Service (Wedding invitations)
    Reviewer: Michelle C from Osawatomie, Kansas (KS) -

    My order was cut specifically as I requested. Great customer service.

  • Review: 5 Stars paper cut
    Reviewer: Matt L from Brandon, Mississippi (MS) -

    Had 8.5x11 cut to 4.25x11. Very good cut. Extremely fast processing for the paper and cut. Great experience.

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting service
    Reviewer: Karina from Sugar Land, Texas (TX) -

    cut exactly as directed to dimensions!

  • Review: 5 Stars Great Service!!!
    Reviewer: Dalia O. from Sugar Land, Texas (TX) -

    Quick shipping and great customer service!

  • Review: 5 Stars July Bride
    Reviewer: Robin L from Houston, Texas (TX) -

    Paper was cut just right! Thanks

  • Review: 5 Stars Great Cut!
    Reviewer: Kamren C from Los Angeles, California (CA) -

    made the card creating process so much easier!

  • Review: 5 Stars cutting
    Reviewer: Briana from Pierre, South Dakota (SD) -

    Very quick! Looks great!

  • Review: 3 Stars Cutting my paper
    Reviewer: Sissy from Newport news, Virginia (VA) -

    Wasn't everything I expected.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service for Cardstock
    Reviewer: Lissa from Ocean, New Jersey (NJ) -

    Everything was done perfectly!

  • Review: 5 Stars Paper cut to order!
    Reviewer: Jill Y. from La Pine, Oregon (OR) -

    Received our champagne metallic paper for our wedding ! You are awesome!

  • Review: 5 Stars Wedding Paper
    Reviewer: Nicole G from Yeadon, Pennsylvania (PA) -

    The paper is beautiful and it was cut really well

  • Review: 5 Stars Orange Flame cardstock
    Reviewer: Stacey H. from Yukon, Oklahoma (OK) -

    Fast shipping and great quality of paper!

  • Review: 5 Stars Clean cutting service
    Reviewer: Tanja from Chandler, Arizona (AZ) -

    Very clean and exact cuts to specification. Very prompt service.

  • Review: 4 Stars Red Vellum custom cutting
    Reviewer: Michelle G from Brooklyn, New York (NY) -

    Great! The vellum was perfect - I am very happy with this order.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting service
    Reviewer: Anajane M. from Ocala, Florida (FL) -

    What a great service! Take advantage of this, it will make your lives easier!

  • Review: 5 Stars Brilliant!
    Reviewer: Faye M from Berk, California (CA) -

    Everything in its right place... and cut, too, where applicable!

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Services
    Reviewer: TC from Seattle, Washington (WA) -

    Wonderful service you provide!! It helps me tremedously, and is always precise.

  • Review: 5 Stars Cutting Service
    Reviewer: D.J.M. from Harrisburg, Pennsylvania (PA) -

    Cut to size perfectly.

  • Review: 5 Stars fast delivery!
    Reviewer: Snezana A.-V.P. from San Francisco, California (CA) -

    excellent experience

  • Review: 5 Stars SUPER!
    Reviewer: Carla C from Taylors, South Carolina (SC) -

    Couldn't have asked for a better job to have been done! You guys nailed it! Thanks so much!

  • Review: 5 Stars Excellent Value
    Reviewer: Becky N. from Corinth, Mississippi (MS) -

    What a great value!

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