11 x 17 Vellum Paper

Translucent vellum paper is perfect for wedding invitations, announcements, scrapbooking, rubber stamping, paper crafts and card making to name a few.

    Customer Product Reviews - 11 x 17 Vellum Paper

  • White Translucent Vellum Paper 29#, 11 x 17

    I'm a graphic design student and i was looking for vellum paper that can be printed in a laser inkjet printer. The paper worked wonderfully in the printer. After reading some other people's reviews i thought the ink would need awhile to dry on the vellum but it dried as soon as it printed out...there was no smudging.

    - Carleigh from Dayton, Ohio (OH)

  • White Translucent Vellum Paper 29#, 11 x 17

    When I had a problem with my order, I sent an email and received a quick response. Their customer care was very prompt to rectify the situation. What a spectacular company to work with.

    - LTB from Napa, California (CA)

  • White Translucent Vellum Paper 29#, 11 x 17

    Items were delivered in perfect condition. Great value for the paper, and I will order again soon!

    - Denise from New York, New York (NY)

  • White Translucent Vellum Paper 29#, 11 x 17

    Project Usage:

    This vellum is a great paper to use for a variety of projects. I try to keep it on hand always. Am working now on a wedding program and will print the couples' name on one side and fold that part up to make a "holder" for the wedding program pages when a simple ribbon tied around folded area. Something different than the usual hole punched-ribbon tied version. Very elegant without a lot of cost or work! I love the quality and variety of their products and they are certainly without equal in customer service!

    - AnnieO from StormLake, Iowa (IA)