Thank You For 20 Wonderful Years!

a Love Letter Thank You For 20 Wonderful Years!

Thank you for visiting our site,

It’s a tough moment to announce to our 20 year journey has come to an end… but we are here to share with you our joy from all we’ve learned through this incredible endevour. We want to celebrate our AMAZING team here at Paper and More, and our clientele whom we are truly honored to create such a tight knit community with!

The decision to shut down was in the back of mine and my husband’s minds since the start of covid, but neither one of us wanted to face that reality. After a series of challenges that stacked up so suddenly, and almost impossible obstacles to over come; just after midnight, we both came to each other and knew we were thinking the same thought. The next morning we approached our team members, letting them know that we may have no choice but to shut down. The moment was gut wrenching.. what would happen once we told our crew, whom many have been with us since our start… are we completely letting down this group of thoughtful, hardworking, kind people who’ve become family to us??

Their response - “We are happy for you! you guys gave this your best, and we are honored to be a part of it. We all choose to stay here until the last day our doors are open.” I am forever grateful for these beautiful souls -

(bottom) - Shilpa and Keyur

Meet the group that handles EVERY part of your order from cutting down large parent sheets, manufacturing the cards, pockets, envelopes, pull, package and ship your orders!

I’m forever indebted to them all, as they treated my dreams as their own! Thank you to our family, our friends for being ready for anything, full of ideas, boundless energy, and support! Most of all, thank you for your patience as I was learning things along the way, day by day.

We built something truly unique & special. Before the days of ready-made-sites; we developed our own website by reading dozens of books, and built our production/fulfillment/full operations center from
the ground up... this became a giant we'd never imagined could be.

But what is built is nothing without who you build with..

(taking down our logo)

Starting from our 1 bedroom apartment with 6 orders per day, it’s humbling to have over 1,000,000 orders to date. That’s 50,000 orders filled each year… packed with love by our incredible team!! The first year was just my husband and me after we were laid off in 2002, two months after being married. We then grew to a staff we are proud to call family!

Keyur’s brother, Ashish, joined us early on. His parents, aunt, cousin Mishal helped in person, and my parents helped with customer service and operations all the way from Texas!

They all saw we desperately needed help, and were quick to jump in! #familybusiness

Dzulfikar, Lyssette, Sukhwinder, Alex, Steven, Jorge, Eddie, Adriana, Margaret, Christine and the many more of us.. Could NOT have done this without you! 💝

(our address sign)

I remember the day this sign went up, it felt unreal. We moved our apartment to a 1,000 sq ft office space in 2005, just 2 weeks after our first daughter was born!

Two years later we moved to a 2,500 sq ft office, then 5,000 and our final move to this 10,000 sq ft fulfillment center which housed incredible equipment that produced the papers, pockets and envelopes we love so much!

It was a reality check when a couple of our manufacturing equipment (Kluge Letterpress & Moll Marathon Regal Versa Fold) were loaded on this rigger.. leaving us for good.

(Moll Automatic Folder and Kluge Letterpress)

It’s hard to not fall into the trap of thinking we are taking apart what we’ve built.. but we’ve realized it’s not tearing down, it’s passing on.. thankfully these incredible pieces of equipment are going to other small businesses around the bay area and country wide, whom we are so glad to have met. It brings us peace and closure to know this art will live on!

Since announcing our closing to our hundreds-of-thousands of clients, I’ve had the chance to re-connect and reminisce over - supporting clients through starting their own businesses and providing/supplying for them, having a small part in our customer’s BIG events, and those times where we’ve printed the hard times celebrating and remembering loved ones lost along the way <3

I didn’t realize what meant most over those 20 years until reminded by our amazing customers. Receiving many calls & emails reminding us of the community we’ve built TOGETHER, all that we have endured, all that we have achieved together has been absolutely humbling to say the least.

I’m ever so grateful for the relationships made throughout the decades from all over the country & world! Thank you ALL for taking your time to write paragraphs of sentiments & well wishes. Your words, thoughts & blessings mean the world to us all!

I wish we could post the thousand emails that came pouring in with overwhelming heartfelt sentiments, but please know every email, message, text, DM, notes in your orders… really meant the world to us. We all sat together to read through each and every one of your message and had the honor or writing back to you all!

I’d like to close by saying…

Thank you for your trust in us.

Thank you for your years of support.

Thank you for recognizing our love for the business and our efforts towards it.

I am heartbroken to leave our small businesses in this tough situation…

To all our fellow small businesses who relied on us.. we sincerely apologize for any hardship this will cause;

Here’s a hug for more sleepless nights than not, for the anxiety and mental challenges, for the sacrifices you’ve had to make, and for the dedication to your employee’s futures.

To our fellow small businesses; here’s a high five for not just the big wins, but those little ones you put all your effort towards! A “heck YES” for the hurdles, legals, roadblocks you’ve made your way through!

And we sincerely wish you the very best towards your future growth and success!

Forever grateful, with love,

Shilpa and Keyur Shah

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