These adhesives will work great for invitations, cardmaking and scrapbooking. The vellum sheets can be used for translucent vellum. The Lines and Squares can be used for surfaces for which the adhesive will be hidden by the paper or cardstock.

    Product Reviews - Adhesives

  • Adhesive Squares (56 Squares)

    I have been making my own cards for several years and trying to work with vellum overlays & embellishments has been a problem. I use ribbonss,glue, etc. however have been searching for a more professional contact. Your card adhesives are perfect! Now I am able to produce a much more professional product.

    - Jeanette S from Wood River, Illinois (IL)

  • Adhesive Lines (20 Lines)

    perfect for invites, the strips were used for the paper and the squares for the ribbon

    - F. Allenger from Fresno, California (CA)

  • Adhesive Lines (20 Lines)

    These little strips of adhesive are excellent at holding two sheets of cardstock together. They were just what I needed to make sure triple layer wedding invites stayed put. However, since they are high tack, they are very unforgiving. If you need to re-adjust often you may want to go with a gluestick.

    - Laura J from Ames, Iowa (IA)

  • Adhesive Micro Squares (300 Squares)

    These were so easy to use - we attached invitation to a black cardstock background. Highly recommend getting these - do not use glue stick!

    - Sandy H from Moscow, Idaho (ID)