These adhesives will work great for invitations, cardmaking, envelope liners and scrapbooking. The Lines and Squares can be used for surfaces for which the adhesive will be hidden by the paper or cardstock. The Clear Glue Stick and Double sided tape work great for adhering envelope liners, belly bands and monogram squares.

    Customer Product Reviews - Adhesives

  • Adhesive Micro Squares (300 Squares)

    As a scrapbooker and cardmaker I use alot of adhesives.These are small enough they work real well with the small embellishments. GREAT product.

    - Anita R. from Edinburgh, Indiana (IN)

  • Adhesive Micro Squares (300 Squares)

    Paper samplers are very nice. The micro adhesive is very good.

    - Linda C from San Francisco, California (CA)

  • Adhesive Micro Squares (300 Squares)

    These dots work much better then the 'Glue Dots' you get in a craft store, and are much more affordable. After using these, I will never go back to 'Glue Dots' again!

    - Lisa J from Massapequa , New York (NY)

  • Adhesive Lines (20 Lines)

    Project Usage: Adult Birthday invitations

    All the invitations, paper and adhesives especially the adhesive lines were fantastic. I tried glue, looked unprofessional and bumpy! All quality products would definitely order again!

    - Brenda from Payson, Arizona (AZ)