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  • Paper Texture & Weight Sampler Variety Pack

    Receiving sample papers helps my customer to select the type of paper they want. They can see the color and also feel the texture. I really like it and advise others to do the same

    - Jackie from Pineville, Louisiana (LA)

  • Linen, Columns & Felt Sampler Variety Pack

    My first word impression..."WOW." I cannot believe how impressed I am with the Linen Sampler Variety Pack card stock. First of all, the immediate service and response received by me from Paper and More was incredible. I was kept informed with the order progress via e-mail constantly. Now for the linen card stock itself...absolutely 100% pleased. I am very happy with the quality of the card stock AND with the color choices available. An additional positive about Paper and More, is that I may order quantities of 100 rather than the 250 offered by other providers. By being able to order quantities of 100, I will definitely be able to order more color selections of linen card stock. When I originally went into Paper and More's website and read all the positive reviews, I said to myself...this is too good to be way. I was wrong and everything everyone else wrote and I wrote is true. Thank you Paper and More. (By reading the other reviews Paper and More has alot more to offer than quality of card stock paper. The service of being able to have card stock cut to size, and to know that they are willing to work with their customers, is very comforting. Shipping rates are reduced when orders are over a certain amount of money. This shows that Paper and More is willing to work with customers and that they appreciate and value the business given to them.) Thank you Paper and More.

    - Chris P from Rocky Hill, Connecticut (CT)

  • Linen, Columns & Felt Sampler Variety Pack

    Project Usage: Wedding Invitations

    I didn't realize how much variety came in a single linen sample pack! WOW! The quality of the paper is great. I am extremely impressed! The paper got here in 2 days! Amazing paper and service!

    - Goroma Maipelo M from Lynchburg, Virginia (VA)

  • Paper Texture & Weight Sampler Variety Pack

    I knew very little about paper textures and weights. The sample pack was th e perfects tutorial. I received an assortment of papers with a title page describing paper texture, weight and even the color to better help me keep them straight. The papers were all full sized and were shipped in order according to title page. Thank you!!! No more worrying about choosing the correct paper thickness from now on.

    - Paper and More "Fan" from San Francisco, California (CA)