Creating your own Invitations adds a personal touch to your wedding.  Making Pocket Invitations is now more simple then ever! Follow the easy how to guide below to add all the items you will need to create you own, unique and BEAUTIFUL Invitations!


Pocket Invitation Folders -

⇒ Let's start by choosing our Pocket style and Size. I will go with A7 Himalaya!

 choose pocket style

choose pocket materialChoose Pocket COlor


⇒ You can choose your texture here. I'll choose Pearlesent Metallic.
⇒ For color,  I'll choose Blue Print Blue Metallic.

⇒ They come in packs of 50, I need 100 invitations. I'll choose 2 (two) packs, Click Add To Cart

Add pocket to cart__________________________________________________________________


⇒ Under the Envelopes bar you can choose the Texture you'd like. I'll go with Metallic Pearlescent.

choose envelope material



Choose envelope color, size, flap type    Add 2 envelope to cart

⇒ Choose Texture
⇒ Choose Color, Size and Flap Type



You can choose to have a "Backing" to give extra color, or depth/layered look to your invite. the backing is about a quarter inch smaller, and glued directly onto the center flap of the Himalaya. The invite will be about a quarter inch smaller and glued on top of the backing.

PaperAndMore - A7 Rectangle Himalaya__________________________________________________________________


⇒ Under the cardstock menu, you can choose the paper TEXTURE you'd like. I'll go with the Pearlescent Metallic.

Choose Cardstock texture for insertsChoose backing color

⇒ I'll go with Dark Blue Metallic for my backing card.

Add dark blue backing to cartFor your Backing cards.

1. Choose Quantity (I need 2 packs of 25, 50 8.5x11 sheets) After cutting i will receive 100 4.75 x 6.75 sheets.
2. Click the box to the right of "Add Cutting/Corner Rounding"
3. Choose the width and length needed.
4. If you would like Corner Rounding, you can check the box next to "Add Corner Rounding"
5. Click the small blue "Add to Cart" button on the very bottom.



We will choose the cardstock for the Invitation and Inserts. The Invitation will be glued on the center card. The Inserts will stack in the pocket. I'll choose Silver Pearlesent Metallic!

Choose invite and insert cards cardstock colorInvitation Custom Cutting


You can choose to stay consistent with your colors, all your invite and inserts as one color.  can choose to mix your colors up! I'll go with Silver Metallic Cardstock for all of my inserts.




Insert #1 100sheetsFIRST INSERT

For your First set of inserts (for Directions, Accommodations, Details, Maps....) I have the dimensions at
4.25 x 6.5
Repeat all of the same steps to add custom cutting.


Insert #2 100sheets


For your Second set of inserts (Directions, Accommodations, Details, Maps) 4.25 x 5.75
Repeat Custom Cutting.


Third Insert (RSVP card) Choose our precut 4 bar cards to save you on costs!

Choose RSVP SizeA1 Add to cart

Choose your quantity, and Add your RSVP cards to cart. These come in packs of 100, so just 1 pack is needed!


You can add any accessories you may need!

Belly bands, Monograms, Envelope Liners, Labels, Adhesives. We've made it easy to be your One Stop Shop!


Shopping cartIn your cart you can
1. Check the quantities of each product's pack (the small circles).
2. Check the quantity of each pack you have (the large oval on the right).
3. Check your cutting sizes requested (underlined), and if need be, that can be edited. Once everything looks good to go, hit CHECKOUT!


If you'd like to save time on printing, we provide low cost vibrant prints! For information on printing click here -

To place your order for printing, click here -

By Kayla Pickrell, Designs by Kayla

Watch on YouTube: 
DIY Program Fans


With summer in full swing, if you are having an outdoor event (or a lot of people in a small area), one thing you might be worrying about is how to keep your guests cool.

Follow the steps below to create a beautiful, inexpensive program fan (and watch the video above for more details).

  1. Make sure both sides of your design is on two separate, same-sized paper. This may seem obvious, but it’s been done before.
  2. Make sure you have your adhesive choices - I recommend using microdots or double-sided tape. Double-sided tape seems to be the best one overall to not show through.
  3. Pick your stick type (I like wavy!), they can be wavy or straight, wooden or plastic.
  4. Outline the back of one side of the program with adhesive.
  5. Line one half of the stick with adhesive on one side.
  6. Place the stick, adhesive side down on the back of the program that is outlined.
  7. Add adhesive to the opposite side of the stick.
  8. Carefully place the other side of the program on top of the adhesive program and press down on all edges.

By Kayla Pickrell
Founder/Lead Designer at Designs by Kayla

As far as designs go, Etsy is one of the best places to venture to find thousands of unique, custom-designed invitations and stationery in one place. With this though, you may find it is difficult to navigate, as well as find a way to print the designs made for you.

Your first step, of course, is to find the design you love. When looking for the design, use the search engine to describe the type of stationery you need, such as “Boho Inspired Wedding Invites,” “Transformers Themed Birthday Invites,” or “Tattoo-Inspired Birth Announcements.”

top of listing


When you click on a design you love, the main page shows up, which lets you know the price, description, look at a few pictures, and make a purchase. Within this page, there are quite a few things you need to look at before making a purchase.

Is there a digital/printable option?

Print and Digital Options

If you want to handle your own printing and print through Paper and More, this is an essential part. Usually this will be in the title or overview in the top right corner. In the example above, you can see that in my products, I offer just the digital file, then allow you to choose if you want a certain amount printed and shipped to you (I print through Paper and More as well).

Digital Options

When a title says “Digital,” it usually means that there is some editing involved on the shop owner’s side. When a title mentions “Printable,” it usually means there will be no editing and the file will be available for download immediately.


Item Details

When looking at the description, make sure to point out all of the items the designer will need and anything in particular they do.


The size should ALWAYS be placed in the description section. The problem with sizing, is it is not always easy to resize files. With the amount of work it usually takes, it could take as long as a new design itself. Usually the shop owner will include the size of the document/file/design, then also include the size envelope it fits into. If this size does not meet your needs, you could always message the shop owner to see if they would be able to change it. In the example above, it shows that the file is 5x7 inches, and it fits an A7 envelope.


When printing through Paper and More, you need .125-inch bleed marks on every edge of your PDF document. Because of this, the shop owner should supply this for you. Most shop owners will NOT supply this format automatically, but it is easy to request. When making your purchase, there is a section where you can put a note to the seller. In this section (along with all of the other items they may need), put in that you need the .125-inch bleed marks around the PDF document.


If the document is an automatic printable and it downloads at purchase onto your device, still put a note to the seller asking for the different formatting. This is, at most, a one minute process, so the shop owner should have no difficulties in getting it to you.

If everything checks out, go ahead and make a purchase. If it requires some personalization, your design will not be available for immediate download. Allow the designer time to personalize your file, then send to you (which is done through email).

P+M Print Page

Once you have your design, visit the Paper and More print page, click on the size that you need printed (according to the size mentioned in the description of the product), and fill out the details you need (don’t forget to upload your file!).

File Upload page

If you need a particular quantity or product not shown, visit the Print Inquiry page and send an email with everything you need.

It’s as simple as that!

Following all of the steps above will avoid any pains you may have later with getting in touch with a shop owner or not having the correct file.

If you have any other questions about this process, feel free to email me at

Also, visit my Etsy shop, website, Facebook or Instagram pages to see some of my work.


Have you seen our Glitter Cardstock?

12 colors available!

Available in 12" x 12" sheets. Perfect for scrapbooking and card making!


Sandee Shanabrough shares a sweet project today! products used:

Candy 1Hello again!

Sandee Shanabrough here with an easy favor idea for
a wedding, a shower, or a party!
Candy 2

I gathered my supplies including chocolate bars!
The papers I used are:
This shimmery pink is so gorgeous!
 I cut three panels 5 1/4 x 7.
Or you can use the paper wrapper as a guide for your measurements.
Candy 4I used a strong adhesive to glue the paper around the candy bar.  You don't want them falling apart before your guests can enjoy them!
Candy 5

Next I adhered pretty satin ribbon,
 bringing the ends together on the top of the bar.
Candy 6The ends of the ribbon are hidden behind the sentiment.  Here I have used an Our Daily Bread designs sentiment from Love Scriptures and cut it out with a Spellbinders die.
Candy 7

Another option would be to adhere a pretty embellishment!
This beautiful butterfly is from Our Daily Bread designs.
Candy 8Have a great day!