Embossed Metallic Envelopes

A very unique envelope with an amazing silver glossy finish. Please note that this paper is one sided with white on the inside of the envelope.

    Product Reviews - Embossed Metallic Envelopes

  • A-7 Silver Columns Metallic Envelopes (5 1/4" x 7 1/4")

    I love the Silver Column Metallic line of paper. It is so unique and expensive looking (but it is a great deal). I just started a custom wedding stationery business and my first order is using this line. I can't wait to try out all of the other great products Paper and More carries!

    - Alissa A. from Chicago, Illinois (IL)

  • Envelope Texture & Size Sampler Variety Pack

    I love that there are one of each size- I have no concept of size unless I can see/feel it in my hand. I also love that there are different types (ie. solid, linen, vellum) so I can feel the difference between the "regular" paper and "good" (linen) paper. My only problem- I wanted to try out the pocketfolds and didn't realize they weren't envelopes, but that's my fault. So if you want to find out about those, you'll have to order that sample seperately.

    - Kathy C from Dallas, Georgia (GA)

  • Envelope Texture & Size Sampler Variety Pack

    They are the greatest! I keep ordering them for specialty cards that I make.

    - Jeanette from Oxford, Pennsylvania (PA)

  • Envelope Texture & Size Sampler Variety Pack

    Project Usage:

    I ordered 2 sample packs: one with envelopes and the other with card stock samples. I am so pleased with the prompt delivery! The product samples are too awesome. I am looking forward to purchasing items very very soon. Thank you for your wonderful customer service.

    - C.W. from Finksburg, MD