Custom Printing - File Guidelines

All fonts, colors, layouts, graphics, dimensions, etc. will print exactly as they are submitted. We cannot edit RGB or CMYK codes, change colors, format artwork, substitute fonts, or make any other changes to your artwork at this time.

STEP 1 - File Preparation

Convert Measurements and Fonts

  • Please convert all measurements to inches
  • Please remove crop marks from your file
  • Please include a 1/8" margin, on all 4 sides around the edges of the file (inside the cut line). This will ensure that no essential content will be trimmed off, or cut too close to the edge.
  • Please convert all of your text to outlines (paths). – This means that your text should be recognized as an IMAGE, not a font. That way the style shows up properly on any computer.

Single or double sided printing

  • Please set up your art as "one-up". We will impose for the press using special tools here.
  • For 2-sided designs, please include each side of the print in one pdf instead of two pdfs.

Borders on Artwork

  • If your artwork has a border, please make sure it is at least 1/4" thick on all sides. 1/4" is the minimum thickness, thicker borders tend to work better. Border thickness is important because if it is too thin, there is a risk that the border will be trimmed off and thickness will look uneven.

Envelope Addressing

If you are ordering different guest addresses for each envelope, please download the following excel sheet to use as a template

Address Template

Column AFirst / Last Name
Column Bif a second line of names are needed, use this row
Column CStreet Address
Column DCity, State Zip (be sure the comma is after the city)
Column ECountry (if needed)

Also, if you have a font you’d like to use please choose the font you would like and email the zipped font along with your excel sheet. If you’d like help finding a font, please feel free to choose any from

STEP 2 –Determine if you need Full Bleed

  • Please make sure your file/artwork includes an extra 1/8" on all four sides. For example, a 5x7 card that requires a "full bleed" should be sized to 5 ¼ x 7 ¼ . The artwork and/or text that should extend to the edge of the cut piece must extend the full, extra 1/8"(to the edge of the file) so we can cut into your artwork for a perfect, "full bleed" appearance.
  • Please be sure that critical words and graphics are at least 1/4" away from the edges of the file. This will ensure that important elements that you don't want to be trimmed are safely inside both the bleed and the cutline.
  • If bleed is required, please place crop marks on all four corners of your artwork to show us exactly where the document is to be trimmed.


  • Export your file to a ready-to-print PDF. We are currently offering printing services for ready-to-print PDF files only. (.pdf)


Computer Monitor and Color Differences

The artwork, as it appears on your computer screen, will not be consistent with print colors, since every computer screen renders color differently. An on-screen proof cannot match the color or density of a printed piece. Even different programs on the same computer can render color differently. For these reasons, we cannot be responsible for color variations between submitted files and the final printed piece.

By placing an order with you agree to this limitation.


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