Low Price Guarantee

Our commitment to providing a truly WORRY FREE experience

In addition to excellent service, Paper and More! is committed to providing you with the lowest prices possible. We will match any competitor price as well as refund the price difference of any item you buy from us and find at a lower price within 90 days!

To accomplish this we constantly check the prices of our products. In the event that you find a lower price from another Internet retailer on a currently in-stock item, you may be eligible for a Price Match.

Your purchase is eligible for a Price Match if your request meets the following conditions:

  • The Internet retailer must have a similar product in-stock and priced accurately at the time Price Match is submitted.
  • Our Low Price Guarantee does not apply to out-of-stock, special order items, or orders over $200.
  • Shipping price must be equal or less.

Price Match requests must be submitted prior to order. Please include

  • Complete address of the web page where lower price was found
  • Date lower price was found

By providing this guarantee, we strive to accomplish our goal of keeping our customers 100% satisfied.


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Why Buy From Us?

We offer quality paper at an affordable cost. Our paper & cardstock, envelopes, pocket invitations are 50-70% off retail! We offer a satisfaction guarantee and stand behind all our orders to ensure a worry-free shopping experience.
  • The top rated paper retailer (based on Google Reviews)
  • Fast shipping, most orders ship out same day
  • No tax on orders outside of Califorinia
  • Careful packaging to prevent damaged corners
  • Printing on our full selection of papers
  • Custom cutting and corner rounding available