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Sep 20, 2019 | Connect with Paper

From Martha Stewart Weddings Magazine Special Edition 2010

Our vellum papers were featured in an issue of Martha Stewart Weddings magazine as part of a featurette on Pop Up Wedding Decorations. The vellum papers were used to make a variety of simple yet elegant projects that can be used for weddings or any special event.

Article Text:

Just because you're throwing a wedding away from home doesn't mean you have to scrimp on style. The trick? Rely on materials that pack flat for effortless shipping and can be used in multiple ways to make a big impact. Here, just a few supplies -- vellum paper, scissors, and tape -- turn a simply set table into something worth raising your glass to. Better yet, the four doable ideas shown here are unbelievably affordable.

For the Hanging Lantern

What You'll Need:
Paper and More! vellum
American Crafts mini brads, createforless.com

How to Make the Hanging Lantern:
Cut vellum into 10 strips. For small lanterns, use 8 1/2-by-1-inch pieces; for large ones, use 11-by-1-inch pieces.
2. Stack strips, perforate each end with a hole punch, and secure with brads.
3. Fan strips out to create 3-D shape.
4. Wrap monofilament (or heavy clear thread) around one brad, and secure to ceiling with a thumbtack.

For the Draped Garland

What You'll Need:
Paper and More! vellum

How to Make the Draped Garland:
1. Cut vellum into 3/4-by-5-inch strips in a variety of colors.
2. Run strips through a sewing machine, one after the other, until the banner reaches your desired length.
3. Secure ends to a wall or ceiling with thumbtacks.

For the Votive Centerpiece

What You'll Need:
Paper and More! vellum

How to Make the Votive Centerpiece:
1. Cut vellum into rectangles of various heights. Each should wrap around votive holder and overlap by 1 inch.
2. Wrap vellum around votives. Secure overlap with double-stick tape, then slip vellum sleeves off the votives.
3. Set candles on table, light, slide on vellum sleeves, and arrange.

Napkin Rings

What You'll Need:
Paper and More! vellum

How to Make the Napkin Rings:
1. Cut vellum into a 3/4-by-5-inch strip.
2. Cut 1-inch slit lengthwise in one end using a craft knife and metal ruler.
3. Calligraph name on other end.
4. Slip calligraphed end through slit to make a ring, and slide over napkin.

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