Top Fifty Crafters to Follow for Your Next Project

Sep 20, 2019 | Connect with Paper

Crafting can be a fun hobby. Your creativity will flourish as you complete projects, and you’ll become more confident in your skills, more passionate in your interest as you create works of art.

But creativity needs inspiration. Passion requires spark. Both can disappear in a flash.

Thus, seeking inspiration is often part of the creative process. One way you can do that is by browsing other accomplished crafters’ works and to try to recreate their projects. Somewhere along the way, you may chance upon a good idea or come up with an original idea or a way you can improve someone else’s project.

If you need inspiration for your next crafting project, follow these fifty highly recommended crafters with their unique ideas.

Oh Joy!

Oh Joy

Oh Joy! was once a humble graphic design studio back in 2005. Now it’s an authority on lifestyle and fashion, among others, helping crafters establish and grow their own product lines. Through their content-rich website, filled with how-to videos and daily editorial content, Oh Joy! keeps crafting fun and exciting!

Martha Stewart

Martha Stewart

If there’s only one person you can follow to grow a business out of your crafting skills, that should be Martha Stewart, a prolific writer and businesswoman who has been inducted in the New Jersey Hall of Fame and was featured in the documentary Makers: Women Who Make America. She heads the Martha Stewart Living Omnimedia, which publishes and distributes lifestyle articles and magazines. Her main blog, Martha Stewart, has a significant amount of content on DIYs, ranging from home projects to wedding crafts.

Carlson Craft Blog

Carlson Craft

Carlson Craft started as a simple letter service in 1948, creating wedding invitations for its clientele. Today, it prides itself as the world’s largest wedding and social stationery printer. The company now shares its paper-crafting and lettering expertise on its blog.

Carlson Craft Blog is straightforward: nothing but guides and articles and news on trends, giving you all the crafting necessities you need without any distractions.

A Beautiful Mess

A Beautiful Mess

Two sisters, Elsie Larson and Emma Chapman, teamed up to make A Beautiful Mess, a blog on living a creative lifestyle. In A Beautiful Mess, Elsie and Emma, together with their growing writing team, publish articles on crafting, home decor, recipes, and even blogging and business advice.

The blog now contains over six thousand posts, and in that beautiful mess, you’ll likely find something useful or inspiring for your own craft

Hostess with the Mostess

Hostess With The Mostess

Planning a party? Hostess with the Mostess teaches you easy ways on how to set up an event and have fun while keeping the bill low! The blog publishes guides and party ideas that are doable even for people new to hosting events. Regardless of the occasion, Hostess with the Mostess can always give you a good time.

Craft Gossip

Craft Gossip

Craft Gossip is your go-to site if you want to read about the latest news, ideas, and projects spread by crafters around the net. As the hub of all DIY hubbub, a lot of information does go through Craft Gossip on the daily, but the site strives to provide readers only the best and most relevant content the online crafting scene has to offer.

Oh So Beautiful Paper

Oh So Beautiful Paper

A lifestyle and design blog with a significant following on social media, Oh So Beautiful Paper makes paper arts and crafts easy for everyone. With the belief that “stationery is an extension of one’s personal style,” the blog shares DIY ideas and invitation projects that seem challenging but are actually pretty accessible to anyone willing to try! With Oh So Beautiful Paper, you’ll be improving your crafting skills in no time.

P.S.- I Made This

PSI Madethis

“Craft the life you want,” says the tagline of P.S.- I Made This, a lifestyle brand created by Erica Domesek. Erica encourages people to embrace the DIY life. To that end, she published many of her DIY works in her blog and continues to do so as she creates.

Her works are often exquisitely beautiful but remain doable even for beginner crafters. Erica has appeared on several TV programs, including The Martha Stewart Show and Fox Business News, and her works have been featured in magazines like Glamour and Vogue.

Crazy Little Projects

Crazy Little Projects

Being a full-time mom of four boys can be a bit wild sometimes, but that also means a fun life filled with excitement, inspiration, and love. For Amber, that’s just the right mix that fuels her creative juices. She shares her ideas as well as a bit of her motherly wisdom on her blog, Crazy Little Projects.

Whether it’s baking, sewing, or creating, Amber’s Crazy Little Projects is a funtastic blog packed with cute ideas that you can do at home!

Crafty Morning

Crafty Morning

Michelle loves children. She loves doing arts and crafts, especially with children. So she started Crafty Morning, a blog for sharing kids’ crafts and DIY projects that you can create with your children.

Children have heaps of imagination in their young minds, so for parents out there, channel your kids’ creativity, and get them into crafting! Start a crafty morning, and let Michelle guide your child’s progress.

I Heart Crafty Things

I Heart Crafty Things

A mother knows best, and Rachel, the creator of I Heart Crafty Things and a mother of three, knows a lot of arts and crafts activities for children. She shares her ideas and how to do them in her blog while also discovering new projects perfect for kids. In fact, the variety of content Rachel publishes can keep your children interested in arts and keep their imaginations occupied with fun yet educational activities.

Damask Love

Damask Love

Amber was always into crafting ever since she was young, and her blog, Damask Love, is her platform for sharing her passion to the world. For Amber, sharing her talents means teaching others how to craft and create. It’s her purpose in life to encourage creativity in others, sparking inspiration in those who want to make beautiful art. To that end, her blog is filled with guides and how-to videos on DIY projects, as well as some tips and lessons on crafting.

Glued to My Crafts

Glued To My Crafts

Kids’ crafts are always fun to do, and there’s no one more qualified to talk about crafting for kids than a mom is. Stacey is just that. She publishes tutorials on kids’ DIY crafting projects on her blog, Glued to My Crafts, and leads crafting events for children every month wherever her family is based (she’s an air-force wife).

Stacey’s dedication to encouraging creativity in children can be contagious; that’s why she’s a great person to follow if you’re looking for inspiration. On top of that, her easy-to-follow guides can be great for getting your creative juices flowing.

The DIY Dreamer

The DIY Dreamer

Dreams are where idle imaginations go to play. Christine, author of The DIY Dreamer, has fulfilled many of her dreams and created many original works of art from her active mind. She shares those projects, crafts, and recipes, as well as how to do them, in her blog.

If you’ve ever dreamed about creating stuff, whether they’re simple paper pieces or exquisite custom accessories, Christine can help you make your crafting wishes a reality.

Crème de la Craft

Creme De La Craft

Crème de la Craft’s founder, Natalie, is a passionate DIYer. She loves the hobby so much that she shares it with others through teaching craft classes and publishing articles in her blog.

A noteworthy aspect of Natalie’s blog is that most of her DIY projects use recycled household materials. Got a pile of old bottles and boxes? Crème de la Craft will teach you how to make a useful or decorative piece out of them!

Jennifer McGuire Ink

Jennifer Mcguire Ink

Personal cards made by your own hands can mean so much more than those bought from a store. Card maker and crafting instructor Jennifer McGuire knows that. She also knows there are many people who want to create their own cards yet do not know where to start.

That’s why Jennifer started her blog. She wants to inspire and to teach people the joy of creating and sharing handmade cards. And she does it effectively too with her high-energy teaching style in her tutorial videos and posts.

K Werner Design Blog

K Werner Design

Kristina Werner sees paper crafting as a great way to connect with others. Thus, she started K Werner Design Blog as an avenue to share her work and her passion and as a medium with which she can inspire creativity.

Kristina also has an arts and crafts channel on YouTube, which has a significant number of followers, and, together fellow crafter Jennifer McGuire, teaches card-making in

Cute DIY Projects

Cute DIY Projects

Cute DIY Projects is a resource blog containing a vast amount of content on almost every aspect of crafting. Do you need ideas for a party or a wedding? Do you want to try a new recipe? Or maybe you just want to know the latest fashion trends? Cute DIY Projects has all those angles covered. In fact, each category is filled with many listicles, which, in turn, can contain dozens of DIY ideas that you can try.

Wonderful DIY

Wonderful DIY

Wonderful DIY is a resource center for crafters. It gathers, organizes, then shares interesting crafting ideas and projects found in various sites around the net. Crafts and accessories, food and recipes, home ideas and gardening, fashion and beauty, and even helpful DIY tips—Wonderful DIY delivers meaningful content to you so that you won’t have to take too long to scour the internet for random inspiration.

Lydi Out Loud

Lydi Out Loud

Lydi loves living a loud and happy life, and it shows in her colorful crafts, most of which are already fun to look at that you’ll likely have even more fun re-creating them! On top of that, Lydi’s an expert in creating original recipes of various kinds of food. Desserts, main courses, drinks, and even ice cream—follow Lydi’s recipes, and splurge on her delectable kitchen creations!



DIY Joy helps crafters search for new projects to try. It is a resource site that collects and lists crafting projects from different websites. The site follows a simple post format: a short introduction then images of DIY projects with credits to their respective creator’s websites. Each entry in a list usually doesn’t have any fluff or filler text. But occasionally, DIY Joy features quick guides with videos as a supplement.

Crafting in the Rain

Crafting In The Rain

Beauty isn’t exclusive to sunshine and daisies; you can also find art in the rain. Crafting in the Rain got its name from the climate of the Pacific Northwest, where the blog’s author, Stephanie, lives.

Despite the weather, Stephanie creates new crafting projects regularly, and as a proud mom, she focuses many of her posts on kids’ crafts and cute projects for the little ones. Crafting in the Rain also features reviews of crafting products from brands like Cricut, DecoArt, Duck Tape, FloraCraft, and several more.

Left Brain Craft Brain

Leftbrain Craft Brain

On her blog, Left Brain Craft Brain, Anne, who is a former engineer, publishes a mix of practical and creative DIY projects, and she teaches kids and parents alike how to make cool engineering marvels using recycled materials. Kids can do those projects on their own, and you may even discover that your children may have a future as an engineer.

The Pinning Mama

The Pinning Mama

Kimber, the Pinning Mama, is also an engineer mom, one who leans more on her right brain, the creative side. With that, Kimber’s love for cooking often yields some of the tastiest food you can eat, and you can try using her recipes too! The Pinning Mama, though also featuring various crafting projects, specializes in easy-to-follow recipes resulting in sumptuous meals that can satisfy your appetite.

Gathering Beauty

Gathering Beauty

London-based blogger Emma shares her DIY creations and inspirations in Gathering Beauty. As a paper enthusiast, she creates a lot of intricate origami pieces and paper crafts, but she also has several crocheted items, weavings, clay crafts, and other projects on the side. Follow Emma, her blog, and her active Pinterest board, and you’ll surely find projects that can keep you busy for days!

Laughing Kids Learn

Laughing Kids Learn

Hailing from the Land down Under, Laughing Kids Learn is considered one of Australia’s must-read blogs for parents. The blog, which is run by Kate, a mother of two girls, helps children develop and discover new concepts as they play and as they create.

True to the name, Laughing Kids Learn believes that a happy child learns better and, thus, will grow up well. Rather than categorizing projects by craft type, the blog organizes them according to what skill kids can learn from them, like literacy and basic science.

With Heart

With Heart

Jennifer Stagg is an award-winning anchor and reporter who believes that a house can tell a story. Her With Heart blog is chock full of DIY home-improvement advice. Many of her posts can help you reorganize your home and make it a pleasant place to live in, and her articles range from simple how-to guides to unique ideas on repurposed furnishings.

Follow Jennifer Heart, and you’ll learn how to build a meaningful home worthy even of royalty.

Sweet Pea

Virginia Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea’s author, Paula, enjoys an active lifestyle but still finds time for crafting, cooking, gardening, and even restoring old furniture. She also loves dogs, and some of her projects are useful for pet owners. If you’re one of these pet owners or even if you’re just a regular crafter, Paula’s DIY ideas can fill your home with charm and meaning.

As you follow Sweet Pea, be on the lookout Paula’s adorable German shepherd, Sherman!

Ribbons and Glue

Ribbons And Glue

Holly is a mother of two and the creator of Ribbons and Glue. And just like that rhyme, Holly’s blog contains many fun and vibrant DIY ideas—all of which can add color to your life! Holly started her crafting passion with scrapbooking, so many of her works have that album appeal: simple, everyday materials put together to create a beautiful whole. Follow Ribbons and Glue, and learn how you can do that too!

Craft Test Dummies

Craft Test Dummies

The quality of your crafts often depends on the materials you use. Craft Test Dummies helps people find the right tool for the right project, publishing product comparisons and reviews so crafters can know what to buy. While it’s an expert in that regard, Craft Test Dummies also publishes tutorials and crafting articles on its site so readers can have a few projects to work on.

Happy Together

Happy Together

Most crafting blogs are simple outlets for their respective authors’ creativity. While Happy Together is Jessica Fediw’s outlet, it’s anything but simple. It’s an inspiring journey of one crafter discovering the joys of crafting. You can share in Jessica’s happiness too as you follow her blog and learn new projects that you can do on your own.

Jess also occasionally conducts workshops. Check her website to know details about her next session.

Natalie Wright


What do you get when you have a home builder and a crafter-event planner? Natalie Wright. By day, she’s the education and creative design manager at DecoArt, a craft paint company, which means her work involves a lot of painting and crafting.

By night, she’s a mom of four who still has time for paper crafting while watching Netflix with her family. And all day, she’s a lefty. Natalie’s blog contains all her creative projects neatly arranged like an Instagram profile, and when a piece catches your eye, you can click on it and be treated to a quick video on how to do them yourself!

The Crazy Craft Lady

The Crazy Craft Lady

When Aimee had a quarter-life crisis during her second year at law school, she thought she’d become one of those crazy middle-aged cat ladies—except for the fact that she’s allergic to cats. Instead, she became The Crazy Craft Lady!

Follow Aimee and her family’s ongoing journey of creativity in her blog filled with DIYs and decors, organizing techniques and cooking recipes, kid-friendly activities, and most importantly, parental wisdom.

Maker Mama

Maker Mama

Being a stay-at-home mom can be tough. However, for Amy, she turned it into a chance to create. She became adept at seeking thrift-store bargains and transforming them into beautifully crafted works of art.

In fact, her blog, Maker Mama, has a section dedicated to thrift-store finds and how to repurpose them. Her other posts include DIY tutorials, project ideas, and even some scenic features in Amy’s hometown, San Antonio.

Nourish and Nestle

Nourish And Nestle

Your home is a sacred place where you can reattune your spirit, and for you to keep it that way, you must furnish and organize it well. If you want to know how to do that, follow Nourish and Nestle.

Lynn, the author of the blog, writes sage advice and publishes detailed guides on DIY home improvements. Whether it’s the garden, the kitchen, or any place in your house, Nourish and Nestle will already have an article relevant to your home needs.

Across the Boulevard

Across The Blvd

There’s a special bond between a mother and her daughter, and if both share the same interests, magic happens. Follow Beverly and Gloria from Across the Boulevard, and be inspired by their magnum opuses, home decors and recipes, that only a mother-and-daughter team can conceive.

That said, Across the Boulevard does include tutorials on how to craft Beverly and Gloria’s works, so it’s perfectly possible for you to re-create them by yourself. Though if you want to make your crafts even more special, you can do the projects with your mother.

Dazzle While Frazzled

Dazzle While Frazzled

Every crafter adds a different flavor to the creative community, and Victoria offers practical yet visually appealing DIY home decor projects. She loves coming up with thrifty alternatives to pricey decor ideas, and in Dazzle While Frazzled, she shares her solutions to common problems, like repurposing old and neglected furniture into useful additions to any house.

Being a mother herself, Victoria also publishes articles on child-centered home projects and kids’ crafts. Ever wanted to make a shaded sandbox for your children?

Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky!

Hideous Dreadful Stinky

Being artsy means being eccentric. And quirkiness is the fuel behind Hideous! Dreadful! Stinky! Marigold Haske writes with the wit of a comedian while delivering informative articles on paper crafts, jewelry projects, and many other DIY ideas. She has even created projects based on pop-culture characters. Sew along with Marigold Haske, and have fun as you follow her step-by-step tutorials!

Adventures of a DIY Mom

Adventures Of ADIY Mom

Rachel’s blog has the subtle charm of a child’s chalkboard art. It’s delightful to look at, and the style makes learning quite fun—perfect if you want to teach your kids the joy of crafting. But Adventures of a DIY Mom isn’t just limited to children’s art projects; adults can also discover DIY techniques like canning and preserving food.

Follow Adventures of a DIY Mom, and learn how to bake, build, and beautify!

Dreaming in DIY

Dreaming In DIY

If you’ve been wanting to try a new recipe or if you’re looking for ideas on how to make an occasion more special, have a look at Dreaming in DIY. The site contains plenty of projects for you to do.

Dreaming in DIY contains crafting ideas for every holiday and recipes for every meal—even a food category for health-conscious individuals. And if you’re sensitive about your spending, the blog’s featured articles are typically low-budget plans!

AppleGreen Cottage

Apple Green Cottage

Damjana was born into a family of creatives. She grew up with a Singer machine as her plaything, having been taught by her mom and her grandma how to sew, hand-stitch, crochet, knit, and many other skills involving fabrics. Thus, she acquired a passion for those hobbies.

In AppleGreen Cottage, Damjana shares many of her pattern ideas as well as some DIY projects. She also gives out sewing tips and lessons, which, given her expertise, can be valuable if you want to learn how to make beautiful clothes and pouches and anything that a needle can produce.


Lost In Paper

Paper-craft passion and card cravings define who Therese is, and her blog, Lostinpaper, is a window to her paper adventure. Therese’s home studio is filled with an array of crafting materials, most especially stationeries.

Her blog posts are usually in video form, making it easy to follow along as she displays and designs her card crafts, and she has a steady follower base on YouTube. In fact, many of Therese’s cards have been featured in Australian Cardmaking, Stamping & Papercraft.

Val Event Gal

Val Event Gal

Fond of organizing parties and events? Follow Val Event Gal, and let Valerie inspire you! Val has countless ideas in her blog for every kind of occasion.

She has always had a knack for arranging fun parties ever since she was a kid, and as she grew up, she focused all her time on honing this talent. She even studied hospitality and event management in college! That’s how dedicated Val is to her passion, which shows in her blog, filled with every kind of idea for party decors and food.

If you have party concepts in mind, chances are Val Event Gal already contains guides on how to make them happen.

Craft Schmaft

Craft Schmaft

From paper and fabric crafts to calligraphy and cake decors, Craft Schmaft contains absolutely everything about crafting and beyond! It’s a haven for creatives seeking inspiration and for neophytes looking for a hobby.

The articles published by Craft Schmaft range from short how-to guides on a specific process to extensive tutorials on a single hobby. The site also reviews new tech that may make crafting more fun.


Jennifer Maker

“Genius is 1 percent inspiration and 99 percent perspiration.” However, without that 1 percent, your results will often feel lacking, and for many creatives and crafters, inspiration can be as elusive as a feather on the wind.

Jennifer knows that ordeal; thus, she makes it her mission to help crafters find inspiration and get back to creating brilliant projects. She’s your friend who encourages you and tutors you step-by-step on how to create again. Follow Jennifer, and let her ignite your creativity again!

P.S. I Love You Crafts

PSI Love You Crafts

Pam owned a scrapbooking shop in Maryland for eight years. Though her physical storefront has been closed since 2011, Pam’s passion for crafts persists. She continues creating from her home and sharing her works through her blog, P.S. I Love You Crafts. All of Pam’s gorgeous scrapbook layouts and crafting projects are available there, as well as detailed guides on how to create them yourself.

Love Paper Crafts

Love Paper Crafts

Chelsea Rachel believes that it’s more fun to create than to buy. To that end, she leads Love Paper Crafts in its mission to make everyone a crafter. Her team posts tutorials and project ideas and provides materials for those wanting to get into the hobby. Seasoned crafters can also find plenty of inspiration from Love Paper Crafts.

Also, they give out freebies on Fridays, so check the site often for awesome stuff to add to your projects!



Vikalpah is Sanskrit for “variety,” and young Sahana, the girl behind the blog, loves letting her imagination mold her crafts. She loves sharing her passion with others, evident on the lovely design of her site, where Sahana publishes DIY projects and crafting ideas, specifically on jewelry and room decors. She also posts guides on sewing, organizing, baking, and even gift wrapping.

Since young minds often produce the most refreshing ideas, Sahana may surprise you with what new things she can envision and create. Follow Vikalpah so you too can discover new projects to do.

Country Charm by Tracy

Country Charm By Tracy

The state of Texas radiates a distinctive appeal—practical, welcoming, and modest—and that’s the kind of country charm that Tracy brings to the crafting table. In Country Charm by Tracy, you can find wonderful concepts, including home decor and organization, paper and kids’ crafts, and seasonal projects, to name a few. Simple but lovely, that’s what you can get out of Tracy’s blog.

Happy DIYing

Happy DI Ying

Your home is the nucleus of your happiness; how you maintain it can affect your outlook in life. The people behind Happy DIYing know that; thus, the blog revolves around home improvements that you can do on your own, publishing articles on furniture crafts, home decor, organization, gardening, and woodworking. The blog also delivers content to you straight—no distractions or anything to clutter your reading experience so you can enjoy building a happy home.


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