Patterned Cardstock Paper

These cardstocks have a seamless continuums of subtle design motifs, bringing timeless sophisication to your designs.

    Customer Product Reviews - Patterned Cardstock Paper

  • Mod Patterned Sampler Pack

    Project Usage: Wedding Invitations

    I love designing invitations using your paper!! My clients love my work because the quality of the papers I use add so much the finished product. Will be buying again and again. Thank you.

    - Pauline B from Brooklyn, New York (NY)

  • Paper Texture & Weight Sampler Variety Pack

    I have been searching the internet for months for affordable cardstock. when I stumbled across paperandmore.I was so excited about the look, the remarks and the price, I order samples the same day. I can't wait untill they arrives. I do lots of invitations and could not find affordable nice paper. I'm sure I will enjoy it!

    - Tracy F from T'bilisi, Georgia (GA)

  • Paper Texture & Weight Sampler Variety Pack

    Wonderful assortment of papers, great price and fast delivery!!! Looking forward to ordering with you!

    - Heather S from Cedar Rapids, Iowa (IA)

  • Paper Texture & Weight Sampler Variety Pack

    Project Usage: wedding ceremony programs

    Website was easy to navigate, and the samples came right away. The paper is beautiful and was delivered promptly. I love you guys!

    - Ann C. from Canton, Georgia (GA)