Pocket Card Printing Service

This service allows you to print directly onto the pocket. Please note printed inserts / invitations are separate. A minimum of 100 pockets are required for this service.

For Events:

Add an extra touch to your event Pocket Folder Printing! You can enhance your invitations or announcements by printing your theme with colors and patterns. Personalizing the pocket is a great way to set the mood for your event. Printed pockets also gives your guests a beautiful way to keep your card for a lifetime!

For Businesses:

Add a personalized touch to your business invoices, materials, other other needs with Pocket Folder Printing! This service allow you to make custom pockets to advertise your business. You can also add value to your customer interactions by printing important info directly on the pocket, along with any inserts or materials you'd like to include in your pocket. This really makes for a special connection with your client!


We offer full coverage, edge to edge print. You can create your design for patterns and graphics.

Text, logos and photos will need to be reviewed and tested for placement.

*Please note, a minimum of 100 pockets are required for custom pocket printing.

Pockets Offered for Print:

  • A2 Sierra
  • A7 Petal
  • A7 Euro Card
  • 6 1/4 Square Petal
  • #10 Letter
  • A7 Himalaya
  • A7.5 Himalaya
  • A9 Himalaya (coming soon)
  • A7 Bracket (coming soon)
  • 6 1/4 Square Himalaya
  • A7 Denali
  • A7.5 Denali
  • A9 Denali
  • 6 1/4 Square Denali
  • A7 Sleeve
  • A7.5 Bracket Sleeve
  • A9 Sleeve
  • A7 Atlas
  • A7 Cascade


ItemSingle SideDouble SidedBasic SolidPremium SolidMetallicLinenCotton / Felt
A7 Himalaya / Atlas$1.85+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
A7.5 Himalayal / Atlas$1.95+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
A7 Sleeve / Denali$1.15+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
A7.5 Sleeve / Denali$1.25+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
A7 Petals$1.50+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
Square Petals$1.50+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
6 1/4 Himalaya$2.05+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
A7 Cascade$1.85+$0.20no extra charge+$0.20+$0.20+$0.20+$0.30
A2 Sierra$1.15+$0.15no extra charge+$0.15+$0.15+$0.15+$0.25
A9 Himalaya / Atlas$1.40$0.25no extra charge$0.25$0.25$0.25$0.35
A9 Sleeve / Denali$1.33$0.25no extra charge$0.25$0.25$0.25$0.35

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