Linen, Columns & Felt Sampler Variety Pack

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SKU 9102-100
Quantity 37 Sheets
Size 8 1/2" x 11"

Each sampler pack includes a single 8 1/2" x 11" sheet of every linen, columns & felt we carry, a total of 37 varieties. No substitutions or returns.

If you would like to order single samples of each color, they can be ordered from the bottom of each product page.

Linen Cardstock
Linen Text
Columns Cardstock

Felt Cardstock
Felt Text

Customer Reviews

  • Excellent Linen Sampler
    Reviewer: Kelti Co. Inks from Memphis, Tennessee

    I love using Paper and More products for my business. The Linen line is a great option to use instead of regular paper and card stock. This sampler, along with all their samplers give me the best options to help my customers. The linen selection as with their customer service is tops in their field.

  • Absolutely Beautiful
    Reviewer: Judy M from Pickering, Ohio

    I just received three sample selections of papers and cardstocks. They are absolutely beautiful! This is my third order from you, and I can't speak highly enough of your products, your prices, and your service. I've started a small business making wedding invitations, and you've been a terrific source of materials. Thanks so much!

  • Good service and quality product 
    Reviewer: CurtissM from Minco , Oklahoma (OK)

    I'm very glad I ordered the sampler packs. This has really helped me to see what is my favorite. And I can use everything, eventually, from these packs. Very prompt service. 

  • Excellent Samples 
    Reviewer: Robyn from Los Angeles, California (CA)

    What a great reference tool for cardmakers. The sample packs make it easy to choose the perfect card and or paper for specific tasks. I was particularly impressed with the speedy delivery. 

  • Fantastic!
    Reviewer: Trina W. from Madison, Wisconsin (WI)

    I'm starting a small card/invitation business, I've been searching for my main vendor of paper products for quite some time now. And all I can say is I wish I found you sooner! The fact that you offer sample packs in full sheets versus a small swatch already beats most of the competition. The quality of paper is fantastic. I plan on getting everything I can from you in the future. Thanks!!

  • Pure Elegance
    Reviewer: C. D. from Tucson, Arizona (AZ)

    The Linen and Laid sample pack almost gave me too many choices; how to choose among such beautiful possibilities?! Paper and More, you've outdone yourself.

  • Linen Sampler
    Reviewer: Shirley S from Philadelphia, Pennsylvania (PA)

    interested in seeing what was available.

  • Samploe Pack
    Reviewer: Sharon V from sarasota, Florida (FL)

    At least now I know what I'm looking at. What a wonderful Idea!!!!

  • Linen Sample Variety Pack
    Reviewer: GinaM USA from Rose Hill, North Carolina (NC)

    The delivery was very quick. I have started printing programs for funeral homes and I wanted samples for families to look at.

  • Greal Quality and Quantity Paper
    Reviewer: Annette B from Pflugerville, Texas (TX)

    Very happy with quantity and quality of paper received. Order received within 48hrs of placing - amazing.

    Comment by Actual Delivery time will vary by shipping method and destination for each customer. Please contact us if you need an estimate on when an order would arrive.

  • Cards and Newsletters
    Reviewer: Jane C. from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania (PA)

    Loved your Linen & Laid Sampler Pack! Your shipping was super fast. Thanks so much!

  • Great paper, package came bent
    Reviewer: Victoria K from Tampa, Florida (FL)

    I was out of town when the paper was help at the US post office. By the time I got home and received all my mail, this package was bent at one of the edges. I had 3 sample packs so all 3 had bent edges. Nevertheless, the samples were all nice and I liked the colors.

  • Linen Sampler Variety Pack
    Reviewer: Chris P from Rocky Hill, Connecticut (CT)

    My first word impression..."WOW." I cannot believe how impressed I am with the Linen Sampler Variety Pack card stock. First of all, the immediate service and response received by me from Paper and More was incredible. I was kept informed with the order progress via e-mail constantly. Now for the linen card stock itself...absolutely 100% pleased. I am very happy with the quality of the card stock AND with the color choices available. An additional positive about Paper and More, is that I may order quantities of 100 rather than the 250 offered by other providers. By being able to order quantities of 100, I will definitely be able to order more color selections of linen card stock. When I originally went into Paper and More's website and read all the positive reviews, I said to myself...this is too good to be way. I was wrong and everything everyone else wrote and I wrote is true. Thank you Paper and More. (By reading the other reviews Paper and More has alot more to offer than quality of card stock paper. The service of being able to have card stock cut to size, and to know that they are willing to work with their customers, is very comforting. Shipping rates are reduced when orders are over a certain amount of money. This shows that Paper and More is willing to work with customers and that they appreciate and value the business given to them.) Thank you Paper and More.

  • Love the sample packs!
    Reviewer: Anniemae A from Opa Locka, FL

    I am very please with the speedy response of your delivery service. I received my order and I'm SO VERY PLEASE!!! I live in the Bahamas and my freight forwarder got my paper in right on time. I'm loving the sample packages. It make it easier to choose my paper when ordering. The prices are GREAT. I'm so glad I came across your website. I definitely will be order more paper from you again.

  • linen sampler package
    Reviewer: Mae M. from Virginia, Minnesota (MN)

    I was very pleased with my sampler package. I have been very satisfied with your products. I have ordered before and have had excellent service. You carry quality paper and envelopes

  • Amazing Paper Quality
    Reviewer: Denise L from Phoenix, Arizona (AZ)

    The linen paper is beautiful and outstanding quality. You will not go wrong using this for any of your projects. Shipment arrived so quick I couldn't believe it. Thanks for your superior customer service.

  • Linen Paper Samples - Great Service!
    Reviewer: Debbie M from Frankfort, Kentucky (KY)

    I ordered your Linen Variety Sample pack and received my order fast! I really appreciate the index included in the pack listing color and weight. I was very impressed with the excellent quality of your paper. I had priced these papers at a local print shop and they were going to charge me double your prices. I will definetly order from your company!! Thank you for such a quality product.

  • Quality - Excellent
    Reviewer: Debbie M from Frankfort, Kentucky (KY)

    If I could, I would give you 5+ stars!!! I ordered the sample linen pack to test for wedding programs. Not too long after, I had received my sample pack in perfect condition. I took this to meet with my graphic designer and he even asked where I ordered my paper! He loved the texture and quality. I had checked local printing companies and they would only order "bulk" quantities of paper, which I did not need. Paper and more is fantastic...they have a superb customer service attitude and kept me informed via e-mail letting me know when my item was shipped and even inquired if I was satisfied with my order. I would sincerely recommend this company to anyone needing paper for ANY project!!! I wouldn't order my program paper from anyone else. Thanks!!

  • Sample Packs
    Reviewer: Margot L from The Woodlands, Texas (TX)

    i had no idea of the variety i would actually receive with a 'sample pack'. i was very pleased. the only problem it's caused me is trying to narrow my choice. i could spend a small fortune at this store. ALL of the paper and envelopes are so nice...great quality...and so many size choices for everything. Service was great too because everything came in like 2 days!!! OUTSTANDING...and I had to speak with someone in customer service before i placed my order and she was informed, friendly, and answered my question and helped me with my order. KUDDOS to paper and more! EXCEPTIONAL!!!!

  • Great Job
    Reviewer: Louise A from Sardis, Mississippi (MS)

    Received the sample pack in just a few days and was just what we needed to make a decision. Thanks

  • Great paper, great price!!
    Reviewer: Don H. from Moseley, Virginia (VA)

    Ordered this paper cut in half to print my friends wedding programs on. They turned out perfect!! The paper was high quality, and the arrived extremely fast. I would recommend the paper and company to anyone.

  • Perfect
    Reviewer: Adam T. from Cincinnati, Ohio (OH)

    They sent me everything I needed on time. Kept me informed about where my package was (which I really appreciated). I'm a graphic designer so quality is important. The paper was very high quality and met all my expectations and exceeded some. I definitely recommend ordering from this store. On future projects I will be ordering again. Thanks

  • Linen Sampler Pack
    Reviewer: Jenny M from Healdsburg, California (CA)

    I feel misled about the sample pack I was receiving. I was under the impression from the item I clicked on that I would be reciving all paper size options in the one ivory linen color I had selected. Instead I received a pack of every linen paper in every color which I do not want. In essence, I spent $10 to get one piece of paper relevant to me. I am disappointed. I wanted to see the other sizes in the one color.

  • Great Quality!
    Reviewer: Alex T from Mount Pleasant, South Carolina (SC)

    The paper quality was great in the linen sample pack! I love all of the options and am picking out paper for my wedding programs.

  • Great quality and variety
    Reviewer: Mandy from Ann Arbor, Michigan (MI)

    I loved this variety pack because it had a cover sheet explaining what each item was, and there was a variety of colors which has given me ideas for future projects. This paper is such a great quality.

  • Amazing!
    Reviewer: Goroma Maipelo M from Lynchburg, Virginia (VA)

    Project Usage: Wedding Invitations

    I didn't realize how much variety came in a single linen sample pack! WOW! The quality of the paper is great. I am extremely impressed! The paper got here in 2 days! Amazing paper and service!

    Comment by Actual Delivery time will vary by shipping method and destination for each customer. Please contact us if you need an estimate on when an order would arrive.

  • Beautiful and Classy!!
    Reviewer: Mary H. from Cottonwood, Arizona (AZ)

    Project Usage: I will be using this paper for wedding invitations!

    This sample pack is beautiful. The texture of the paper takes the paper to next level. The fact that the packet comes with samples of the corresponding text paper makes this packet fabulous. The quality is the best!

  • Sample Pack Linens and Columns
    Reviewer: Nancy R from Beaconsfield, QC Canada, AL

    Project Usage: Wedding invitations, replies, direction cards and menus

    Great way to evaluate paper weight and look. Also to test printing quality.

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Finish Samples
Comparable To Brand Paper and More Sample Packs
Final Size 8 1/2" x 11"
Acid Free Yes
Chlorine Free Yes
Lignin Free Yes
Watermarks No
Vegan (non-animal) Materials Yes
Recyclable Yes
Biodegradable Yes
Printing / Finishing
Commercial Printing Engraving, Letterpress, Lithography, Offset, Silkscreen, Thermography
Commercial Finishing Box Covers, Foil Stamping, Heat-Set Web, Perfect Binding, Saddle Stitching, Varnishing
Embossing Blind Embossing, Debossing, Heat Embossing
Uses Announcements, Brochures, Calligraphy, Flyers, Greeting Cards, Invitations, Maps & Directions, Menus, Newsletters, Overlays, Wedding Programs, Response Card Envelopes (RSVP's), Resumes, Rubber Stamping, Scrapbooking, Stationery

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